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Meet the tree man of oman who refuses to cow down before cancer


His aim is 10 million and wants to complete planting one million by next year, for Said al Habsi the first kidney donor in Oman, planting trees is one way of expressing gratitude to his nation.

He donated his kidney to his brother and both are fine, he says with pride. Life, however, threw in a challenge 27 years ago in the form of lymphoma which led to complications with pancreas.

“I got treated and it came back again, overcame it and this has been going on and here I am back for treatment. I am happy and grateful. I want to do for my country what I do best and that is develop seedlings in my nursery and hand it over to the government to plant them across Oman” explained Said.

He noted, “I know how much individuals pay for chemotherapy in other countries, but my country gives it free for me.”

He started planting trees 15 years ago and today those trees support Said’s initiative by providing seeds.

Said is settled in the Philippines married and with children he is keen for his children to experience and be part of Oman.

The pandemic slowed the journey back to the Philippines where he runs a plant nursery. He did not delay in jumpstarting the seed propagation and saplings.

“All the trees are indigenous trees of Oman but in some areas as in the desert we have begun to lose them. But now we will have them come back in form,” he said excitedly.

He and his plant nurseries are located in Mudhaibi, in Al Sharqiya. The trees included Sidr, Simr, Raq and Al Gaf

All of these trees, according to Said, will not need watering after six months.

He said, “These trees will be great for oxygen, purifying the air from factory pollution and adding greenery. All these seeds I have collected are from the desert and other areas of Oman. These are authentic Omani seeds. You can see these trees standing tall on the sides of the roads. They can withstand the climatic conditions of Oman. I did not start three years ago but 15 long years and it is great to see them thrive. Now I am collecting seeds from them - it is truly a miracle. I love this work!”

“I would like to reach a total of 10 million trees in 10 years if God permits,” he expressed.

“I am a ‘smile’ man. I want to see everyone with a smile. I smile after each chemotherapy because everything is in God’s hands. Everybody will die one day so no problem and the fact is no one can control it. I am really happy. I breathe better and deeper when I am planting trees,” explained Said.

Said has a new dream to have a small truck so he can take the saplings and young trees to the Environment Authority of Oman and help further.

Said is popular on social media, @saidkidny29 on Twitter, as well as Facebook and YouTube, with constant updates and has followers even wanting to collect seeds for him.

“We can make Oman green,” urges Said al Habsy.

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