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Growing from bewildered newbie to an experienced trip organiser

As a country of diverse attractions, local explorer and adventure lover Abdulrahman al Tamimi finds Wadi Qashe and Al Jabal Al Akhdhar the perfect places that offer not only insight into how tradition is practised in Oman but also to fully immerse oneself in what the country can over when it comes to outdoor adventures.

“My favourite destination remains to be Wadi Qashe at ِAl Jabal Al Akhdhar. The journey to these places is extraordinary, starting from dropping-down ropes between the mountains to emerge into fascinating views. The moments of spacing out and finding yourself in nature are just beyond words. You must be in the picture to sense what I am gibbering about. It is a piece of heaven,” he shared.

From a newbie looking at Oman’s attractions with bewildered eyes, Abdulrahman has developed a deep sense of pride and has grown fond of the exhilarating adventures the country has to offer. As a result, he eventually became a trip organiser once he gained all the proper experience inspired by the beauty all around him.

“My exploring journey started as going on typical regular trips such as camping. Only later the obsession emerged, after a trip with the popular @Omaniaroundtheworld to Jabal Shams. It was my first hiking attempt. I remember it was an unprecedented experience that made me envision planning other trips,” he said.

“From that first trip, I went on to venture into Wadi Qashe and Al Jabal Al Akhdhar which is my Everest. In my first time, I bumped into many difficulties as I was physically unfit. The depth of the water was beyond my capabilities. I was totally unprepared for the adventures that lie ahead. Eventually, I learnt my lesson the hard way. Precautions should be taken seriously before planning a route,” he said.

“I started hiking in random spots. It was only until recently that my friend Abdulaziz al Farsi and I set up our own adventure company which specialises in organising outdoor trips, private group events and explorations,” he shared.

He added, “We aspire to pin down routes and places, discovering places that mainly include swimming activities as I fancy diving, and arrange group trips monthly. We post details and wait for participants to join. Our motto says “Keep exploring” And this is the reason why we named our company after ‘We Explore’.”

Al Tamimi shared that he is thrilled about being able to explore places that are seldom visited bouncing from cliffs to the water.

“The concept is to bear and understand mother nature, and we end our trip with appreciating god’s creation among us by meditation to tame our mind and soul,” he said.

Knowing the importance of social media, Abdulrahman’s friend, who goes by @abdulaziz_farsi on Instagram is in charge of documenting the moments and taking fascinating pictures and videos of their adventures.

“Oman’s natural diversity is captivating. I do not believe I have witnessed such beauty elsewhere. The wadi’s colour, depth, and shape of the mountains all together paint a majestic landscape in one’s mind. Nature scenery never fails to amaze me, and it always finds its way to exist in this world,” he said.

Abdulrahman believes that even though Oman is in the Middle East, exploring it is not a seasonal activity but rather a year-long event. It depends on people’s preferences and the type of activities they fancy.

We at Weexplore have met many challenges during our trips. There had been incidents where participants panicked while swimming deep waters. We help them by conquering their fears,” he shared.

“The ability to help someone to overcome a difficulty makes our day. Having won the trust at that moment is truly priceless. Moreover, we offer a special treat while on trips which is “speciality coffee” and yes, it is freshly made so that you will not miss out on your coffee break,” he added.

Al Tamimi advised, “I do not recommend going on solo trips.” It is risky and losing your life over discovering is not worth it. Instead, group up with friends and stay on the safe side. Whenever going for a trip, three litres of water, a piece of fruit, and a protein bar are my go-to essentials,” he noted.

“Explore, travel, cross oceans, do not be scared to leave your comfort zone, life is full of wonderful places to see. I’m a naturalist who always finds a way to be surrounded by green trees and breathtaking views. I retrieve my energy from nature and calm my mind with greenery scenes,” he said.

One of his important reminders? “I may be an adventurer but not a reckless one,” shared Al Tamimi urging everyone to take care of the places that they are exploring.

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