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A saunter down God’s own country

Another trip into the incredible Indian subcontinent but this time we go down to the unique geographical area in the south; to the land of warriors that has one of the oldest martial arts which legend says was taken to China by an Indian Buddhist monk and then turned later to KungFu. With a magnificent monsoon season and huge coastlines running along the state, Kerala is every food-lover’s paradise. Here is our take on the ‘Land of Spices’.

In the heart of Al Ghubra is located a hidden gem called 1947 – An Indian Restaurant. A walk down the history of India, the restaurant showcases the Indian warriors, heroes and freedom fighters who gave the country her independence. The restaurant not only celebrates rich food but also the freedom struggle. We have always been great fans of Malayalee food, so we went a bit crazy with our order.

HE SAID: For our appetisers, we ordered the Irachi Varuthathu (beef fry) and Kuttanadan chicken fry. The beef was cooked and then fried with slices of coconut, curry leaves and green chilis, taste-wise it is out of the world. Spicy aromatic roasted chicken pieces flavoured with garlic and masalas. So much flavour in one bite!

SHE SAID: You know how fried food is the king of comfort food? Now multiply that pleasure with strong yet delectable masalas, add some coconut and dry spices – and voila, you’ve got food gold in your hands. Our Irachi Varuthathu and Kuttanadan chicken fry were both spot-on. Crispy on the outside yet succulent juicy on the inside. What a fantastic way to start our meal.

HE SAID: For our mains, we ordered Irachi Choru and Chicken Mappas. Irachi Choru (beef with rice) is a dish similar to Biryani but cooked with a generous amount of clarified butter. It was my first time to try it and I don’t regret it especially when I had onion salad, Raita and Indian pickles on the side. The Chicken Mappas was another winner for the day. The restaurant managed to minimise the heat of the spices. I had it with very unique Iddiappams, which were very thin steamed noodles made of rice and covered with desiccated coconut. It took the flavours to another level.

SHE SAID: Our mains were the Chicken Mappas served with Iddiappams (rice steamed noodles). The Mappas is a mildly spiced coconut-based gravy that left us licking our fingers. This can be eaten with rice or bread. We picked Iddiappams, the Malayalee noodle! What a treat this dish was. Feeling a little adventurous, for our second main we chose the Irachi Choru, a beef and rice preparation not unlike a Biryani. This was probably the best rice dish I’ve had in a long while, the ghee used to cook shined through all the masalas and the meat was super soft.

HE SAID: For dessert, we picked the Palada Payasam which is a warm pudding made of milk, rice, clarified butter, coconut powder, sugar and crushed nuts. It was well prepared and I liked the way sugar was balanced and the consistency was perfect.

SHE SAID: Our dessert was the perfect throat cooler after all that spice rich food that we indulged in. Imagine a creamy rice pudding but much creamier! It almost felt like a light porridge, I am in love!

WE SAID: Who can resist the charm of great food, sweet service and food made with love! 1947 has us completely charmed down to our socks. If you enjoy a myriad of flavours that come with an affordable price tag, this is the place to go. Will we? Oh yes yes yes and yes!



Ambience: 4.5/5

Taste of food: 4.5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value for money: 5/5


On August 18, Oman Restaurant Review will be celebrating its 7th anniversary. Boasting over 30,000 followers across their different social media accounts, the duo behind Oman Restaurant Review is sharing some of their feedbacks about the food scene in Oman. For more updates, you can also follow them on Instagram: @oman_restaurant_review

Disclaimer: The ORR team reviews anonymously and pays for their own meals.

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