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Outsmart your smartphone

How to disconnect from addictive technology and reconnect with life

Excessive smartphone use harms our bodies, minds, and even our feelings. While technology has benefits and advantages that make our lives easier, it is a double-edged sword, and it has many negatives.

Researchers have warned of the effect of radiation waves emitted by advanced electronic devices. Plus, light emitted from the screen may cause several problems for both the brain and eyes, especially when using the device in the dark, as this type of light causes sleep disturbance and a feeling of fatigue.

Smartphones and tablets cause neck problems and spine pain, mainly due to constantly bending over to watch the screen.

Muscles of hands and arms also get affected by those digital means, as the user can develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs due to excessive pressure on the median nerve at the base of the wrist. Excessive use of these devices can reduce user activity and cause obesity.

On the emotional and psychological levels, mobile addiction may cause exposure to the phenomenon of nomophobia, the fear of not having a smartphone, or not being able to access it. In addition to these symptoms, depression and constant anxiety about not being able to keep up with everything new on social networking sites, is also there.

Scientists said that mobile phone addiction may cause personal crises, depression, and increased levels of stress and anxiety. This type of people may appear to have behavioral patterns similar to those who suffer from drug addiction, as the introduction of these devices into our daily system has led to a major shift in our habits. Mobile phone that is supposed to bring us closer to others has become the opposite. In general, we stick to our virtual bubbles and refrain from interacting with others in the real world, leaving us in complete solitude.

To avoid this from happening, Life and Work Training Expert, David Bejarano, advised taking “a digital vacation” in order to detox technology, by spending a few days away from the daily routine, and away from technology and smart devices, in order for the person to reconnect with himself, and reduce stress, fatigue levels caused by excessive use of these devices.

Among the technological detox tips: Don't sleep with your smartphone close by, set times to check your email and notifications, leave your smartphone meters away from where you are sitting, make your phone look boring which will dampen visual stimulation of the screen and reduce addiction to the phone, use applications that allow you to block websites after using them for a specified period of time and keep your phone inside the bag out of reach.

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