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Beyond the cuddle

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Pets are great stress busters especially during lockdowns when people are cooped up at home. They can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside and socialise. Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

Pets can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship. A recent study found pet ownership increased manifold during pandemic

But one must take note of the health risks and carefully study the requirements of pets instead of treating them as live toys just for fun. We should let them live their best lives.

For the majority of families in the Sultanate, birds are the pet of first choice as they are easy to deal with. Like fish, birds are perfect for those who do not have enough space in the house. Before deciding to bring the birds home, make sure the type is compatible with the members of the house.

Some people miscalculate the abilities of birds, which are intelligent creatures.

Breeding birds requires special care. One must provide a balanced diet, clean water and periodically clean the cage. Ensure that the cage is large enough so that the bird can spread its wings and fly around.

The same rules about cleanliness and feeding applies to other pets. Don’t give your puppy an opportunity to soil in the house; keep an eye on them whenever they’re indoors. They must be given proper potty training.

When allocating a new place for new animals, preferably keep it away from the old animals until they get used to each other, because the animals take time to get to know each other.

Animal experts say the pet owners and their family members must understand how to deal with the pet, how to carry it and play with it, in addition to knowing the laws related to it, to avoid disturbing or confusing it. One should learn about the maintenance of pets by reading books, watching videos or talking to fellow pet owners.

Al Wahaibi, a puppy breeder, says “ Before bringing a pet home, make sure that no one in the house suffers from allergies. This is because you can’t lock the animal in a separate room. So everyone should be compatible with the new guest.”

He adds “Dogs are creatures full of vitality, energy and love towards their owners. They must be taken out for a walk at least three times a week. It should be noted that dogs must be trained to urinate in specific places and given periodic vaccinations. They must be bathed because they do not clean themselves, unlike cats.”

Cats are ideal pets for those who work long hours. Cats are independent creatures, and they sleep about 16 hours a day. But they also need attention such as food on time and clean sandboxes.

Fish, however, are different. The advantage of fish is that it can be kept in any house no matter what the size is. It is a great companion if you do not have enough time to spend with a pet or are allergic to furs and feathers.

Sarah Murad, who is passionate about ornamental fish, says ,“Although raising fish does not require much effort daily, we need to feed it regularly and make sure that the water is suitable for the fish... In stores that sell pet supplies, there are modern devices that help to provide food and ensure clean water. These devices make the job much easier.”

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