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Jabal Khounieh, an amazing destination for hiking


Jabal Khounieh, or the Saal terraces, has become one of the favourite places for hiking enthusiasts, due to the beautiful tourist attractions that the site possesses, especially for those coming from Muscat towards the Ghala-Al Ansab road, and from there to al Misfah road, and down into Saal in the Wilayat of Bidbid.

The road leading to Mount Khounieh is surrounded by palm trees, citrus trees and green plants that provide you with positive energy while you are heading to your destination. the mountains surround the town of Saal from two sides.

The site is frequented by mountain hiking enthusiasts of both genders, whether from the Sultanate or residents of different ages. Mountain hiking is an inspiring sport full of fun and challenge for some, while the love of exploration and adventure is motivating to reach Mount Khounieh.

Climbing Mount Khounieh or the Saal terraces is not easy for beginners, but difficult and enjoyable at the same time. Despite the fatigue and hardship, the incentive to reach the top pushes one to continue the path.

The Saal Walk, as the guide signs at the beginning of the ascent of Mount Khounieh, says that the length of the path from the starting point below the mountain extends for a distance of 1.8 km, and despite the short distance, it requires a long breath and good preparation to reach the summit. The sea is 190 metres, while the endpoint rises to 545 metres above sea level, with an altitude difference of 355 metres.

The average brisk walk is about 35 minutes, the average medium jogging speed to reach the summit is 25 minutes. Another stage of walking begins through concrete terraces, amounting to 626 concrete stairs, and the remaining short part is not paved up to the transmission tower.

Ahmed al Maashari, a hiker, said: “Jabal Khounieh is one of the beautiful places that I started to go-to for mountain walks. The place is a wonderful and enjoyable outlet for mountain sports pioneers. It is also a moral motivation for challenge, endurance and strong determination. Through this sport, we revive the ancient heritage of ancestors in moving from one village to another through the mountain paths, as there were no modern means of transportation.

He added that Jabal Khounieh represents an inspiring tourist destination, as it is located near the heart of Muscat Governorate. the place is frequented by many people of different nationalities, which gives the site great importance. The town of Saal, in addition to its urban development, is a beautiful site with a group of old houses built of mud with towers scattered in the village, as well as palm and lemon trees and other crops. It represents a tourist destination that attracts visitors and families, so it needs attention from the competent authorities to improve the road and pave it to the starting point.

Nasser al Majrafi, a hiker, said: climbing Mount Khounieh is worth the experience, but those who do not have physical fitness will find it difficult at first. climbing the mountain in itself is an enjoyable and unique experience, especially when seeing the views from the top at sunset and watching the whole town from the top.

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