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Stop worrying about what other people think of your dreams
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Have you ever wanted to do something, create something, learn something, but not do it because you created scenarios in your head of other people judging you for choosing to do the things you want?

The truth is some people might judge you, some people might be inspired by you, most people though, probably do not care. We can waste so much of our lives stuck on wondering what other people think about our choices, dreams, and actions. No one else spends as much time thinking about us as we do thinking about ourselves. Once you realize this, you can begin to free yourself from the limitation of other people's opinions.

Your dreams are yours for a reason. They came to you and you alone and only you can make them your reality. The person next to you, your best friends, your parents, a stranger, none of them have the same vision that you have. That is your unique power. Only you can say, do, and create, the way you see it. Sometimes our dreams will be scary, and out there, and slightly uncomfortable. If you truly desire something then you owe it to yourself to face your fears, become comfortable with the discomfort, and share your talents, wisdom, and teachings. You owe to the world as well because someone out there needs to hear what you have to say in only the way you can say it.

Remember some people might judge you. They might also be too busy trying to figure out their own life. Either way, they are living their life. They aren’t living yours. This is your life. You get to make it what you want. At the end of the day, at the end of this life, you have to be able to say you tried, you lived, you did. Nobody else is going to stay for you.

What is interesting about other people's opinions is that they stop mattering once we realize that we are successful. Now we have proof that our dreams are valuable. The thing is if you don’t get over that initial fear of what other people think then you can never reach the stage where you can be great at something because you never tried it in the first place. Can you imagine how many dreams and ideas are never seen through because of this? Can you imagine what the world would be like if people weren’t afraid to start going after their dreams?

The first step can be the hardest for so many of us. If you are doing something you truly love and are passionate about, once you get past the initial barrier of fear and worry you are going to love the feeling that comes from taking action.

Think back to something you do today confidently and happily. Now travel back in time with me a bit, how did you feel the first time you did it? Were you slightly nervous, afraid, unsure? How did you feel right after? Glad you did it? Excited to do it again? Like a weight of rocks was lifted off your chest?

The key to getting things done and facing our fears is first to make sure you are truly passionate about what you are doing. Fall head over heels in love with it. When the fear and doubt start to come, when you worry about what people are going to say about you, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Remind yourself why you are choosing this. If what you are doing brings you joy, purpose, and makes the world a better place in your own way, then that is all that matters. [The writer is a Transformational Mindset and Empowerment Mentor, Business Coach for Women, and Host of the podcast Live Inspired; Please contact the author for details about ‘HEALTHY HABITS | THE MINDSET RESET’, an 8-day transformation focused on building a mindset from which you approach each day with ease, clarity, patience, and joy. vanessaseymour.com, email@vanessaseymour.com; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour]

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