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Resorts key to tourism development

Alila Hinu, Mirbat is important for promoting tourism sector in Dhofar Governorate. This resort gives a rare experience to tourists who come in searching of nature

Substantial efforts are being made to further develop the tourism sector in Oman. The government is working on new ideas to make the sector more vibrant. It has made rules and regulations, frameworks, laws for public, private, and foreign investments, programmes to encourage innovative ideas, roping in younger generations as entrepreneurs and employees. All this was not just grand talking, but real actions. This has received tremendous appreciation locally and internationally.

The leadership of the country has realised the potential of tourism in the Sultanate. Therefore, it has set up Omran as an investment arm of the government. It has also embarked on promoting accommodation facilities and tourist destinations in all governorates of the country. The company wanted to make all extraordinary preparations before inviting tourists from around the world. It has also addressed the requirements of domestic tourists as well. Omran had an idea that accommodation is a primary concern for the sector which should be developed in quality and quality of world class. It has made massive investments in this area and came up with amazing infrastructure with its own investments. It also made it a challenge also for the private sector to be involved in the area and to play a complementary role in the tourism sector.

Many experiments were done in the country with the same idea and vision. Perhaps, Alila Hinu, Mirbat, is one of the major investment projects in this vital sector. It is important for promoting tourism sector in Dhofar Governorate. This resort, located in the Wilayat of Mirbat, is a unique experiment in tourism sector. It also gave a rare experience to tourists who come in searching of nature.

From reception to its services and facilities, it has made its mark in terms of quality. It has taken the standard in this sector to another level. Alila Hinu’s 112 hotel units, 96 diverse types of rooms and 16 high quality villas are not just numbers. They are another name for quality. Such infrastructure and facilities do not come up without a clear vision to take the country to top levels of tourist destinations in the world.

Now the major challenge is ahead. It is not just to bring more such facilities, but to maintain the quality and to preserve the authenticity of Mirbat.

The ray of hope is the determination of Omran which never allowed its own investments in the tourism accommodation sector to compromise in quality. It realises that building a facility like Alila Hinu resort is easier than maintaining its quality. We know that it will be a herculean task. Therefore, the company plans everything accordingly.

If local or foreign tourists want to visit attractive destinations in Oman, they first look for quality accommodation facility and the resorts are their first choice. Alila Hinu has shown the way. But it has to maintain the standards so that tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the country in moderate weather of Dhofar. It will certainly attract more and more tourists to Mirbat. Tourists like to have the same experience everywhere and it is a major challenge for Omran. More such resorts will be required... means more investment.

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