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Exploring relations through travel photography


Do the peaks of Oman and India have something in common? Do they share the emotions of people of two lands? How are the vibes being exchanged when a person meets with another for the first time?

How does the chemistry work out between two strangers and what makes relations last longer or break up sooner?

These are the questions being asked continuously by a discerning traveller who is passionate about capturing flashy moments in the form of images and preserve them for a lifetime. And he has been travelling for a pretty long time by now.

Meet Sanjoy Sengupta, a wanderlust who eyes the world through his travelling expeditions and unlike many of his peer photographers who do more or less the same follows a unique style of capturing. Before capturing the images, he speaks not only to fellow humans but also to every existing entity on the earth.

Being a Chemical Engineer by profession, he intensely looks at the meeting of two personalities as the contact of two chemical substances. In other words, he is keen enough to understand the mystery of human chemistry. Accordingly, Sanjoy portrays the glimpse of humans, who might be strangers and their accidental assemblage lasts for a split second, he captures alternate truths about themselves that were hidden not only to others but perhaps even to themselves. That is his uniqueness.

His lens captures the rising of soft sand in spirals and the riding on berserk camels in the desert. His photos of dunes seemed to move as the wind whistled over them, ruffling them like fingers running through thick tresses. His images of landscapes, black-and-white, travel photography as well as Astrophotography- show his own style. It is no exaggeration to say that Sanjoy's name is often seen, heard in the world of Photography. He has been always a forerunner in the list of awardees for photography competitions anywhere in the world for the past half-century.

The myriad images of this avid traveller from his years of exploring the Sultanate of Oman are now put in the form of a book and will soon hit the stands.

The Andhra Pradesh Photography Akademi (APA), where he has been a member for some time, will be bringing out the book titled “Eyeing Through Travel'' by Sanjoy Sengupta with his rarest and invaluable photographs on the occasion of world photography day August 19, 2021.

"We haven't met each other but we share new photos every week, for sure. Sanjoy was fascinated by the camera during his school days. Settling in the profession and focusing on his ambitions, he rose to the level of being on par with those in travel photography on the other hand. Received honours from international photography organizations such as RPS, PSA, FIAP. He is in Director-Mentor service in the Photographic Society of America. He excelled in that institution by winning the Grand Master honour. His photo exhibitions have been held abroad in Oman, Europe, Mongolia, Bangladesh, other continents, besides in India.

Over 7,000 photos of him have been selected for exhibition in 85 countries of the world in the last five years. He is the second Indian who received the Grandmaster Award from the Photographic Society of America.

Sanjoy Sengupta has been an Akademi advisor as well as a lifelong member of the APA and has won honours from the Photography Society of America.

"I always cherish his brilliant association with the APA and appreciate his encouragement to fellow Akademi members in aspiring for more and achieving greater heights. It is a great pleasure to bring his photographs in this book format to mark the occasion of the Formation day of APA," said T Srinivasa Reddy, General Secretary of APA.

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