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Does your home reflect your mood?

The interior coordination of home can change our mood and even control feelings such as happiness, depression or sadness
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Many people believe that home decor and furniture do not affect us the way we feel. But, this is proving to be very wrong. Studies have proven that interior coordination of a home is able to change one’s mood and even control feelings such as happiness, depression or sadness. So maybe you should consider remodelling your home if you don’t feel happy enough while you’re in it.

“We all know that coming home means comfort, but did you know that this comfort is not only physical, but also psychological? Let’s assume that blue reminds you of clear sky and beautiful ocean. It is nice to come home after a stressful day at work to rest your eyes in the colours derived from blue, for example? This is exactly what makes returning home psychologically comfortable’’, says Salma Ahmed, an interior designer.

“Home’s furniture, colours and décor can change how we feel and bring comfort and peace to our interior if we design our home the way we like it’’, she adds.

Have you ever felt completely comfortable in your own home or in somebody else’s home? Did you notice the features that made you feel comfortable?

There are many things that have the ability to make you feel very comfortable and even more energised. For example, a house overlooking a garden or a house that has many plants is one of the houses that increase the feeling of comfort, reassurance and security.

Also, it is not surprising that colours affect our lives, the way we think and the feelings we feel. Yet, many people still do not know how to properly deal with these colours. “We all know that the correct use of colours in our home means more happiness and psychological comfort”, Salma elaborates, stressing that the effects of the main colours in the house on our mood are as follows: red colour symbolizes strength, passion and attraction, and you can use it in bedrooms or large homes because it gives a feeling of intimacy, tranquillity and warmth.

Orange; it makes you feel energetic, but it is exhausting for the eyes. so try not to overdo it at home because it will make you feel tired. Yellow; it is associated with happiness and relaxation, and it is a colour that is found in nature in abundance, so it helps you to create a nice and peaceful environment in your home that is close to nature.

Green; it has soothing and has gentle properties, you can use it in the entrance of the house or in the foyer to create a suitable atmosphere during the transition from outdoors to indoors.

Blue; it is considered a calm colour it gives your home a calm character making those in the house feel the need for calm. It can be used in children’s rooms, or in areas of the house such as balconies or the back garden.

“There are many things that change our mood and our inner feelings in the blink of an eye. It is possible to get angry due to some traffic jam even though we were happy a few moments ago. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the house to be a reason for our inner happiness and psychological comfort from the moment we enter it’’, says Salma.

Some of the things that help us to feel inner happiness is to buy your own piece of furniture, use a nice scent or perfume in the house, put some natural flowers in the hallway, and to keep your house clean because a clean house means psychological comfort.

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