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Harmony of colors in one place


The village of Wal in the Wilayat of Yanqul in Al Dhahirah Governorate is one of the villages of the Western Hajar Mountains, which is located in the far north, about 55 kilometers from the center of the wilayat. The village is characterized by its beautiful Bedouin nature.

It is bordered to the north by rugged mountain ranges and mountain villages adjacent to Sohar, to the south by the village of Al-Masra, Wadi Al Arshi and Al Nuss, and to the west by the village of Al Waqba.

In the village, there is a mountain peak called Al Shwira or Jabal Al Shwira, at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level. The population centers are also distributed along the banks of the wadi. the population is only about 250 people distributed over five residential areas.

The village is characterized by a large number of agricultural lands, which have been used since ancient times in the cultivation of wheat. Today, the harvest grown varied. The farmers of the village now plant various types of seasonal agricultural crops, citrus, palm trees, mangoes, grapes and animal fodder, garlic and onion, says Humaid al badi, the man in charge of the community affairs.

He added that the people in the village are keen on raising camels. They used to use them for their transportation. There are many Aflaj in the village as people depend on them to irrigate their crops, animals and their source of fresh water as well. These Aflaj are Al Aqool, al Hail, al Baidha, Hail Najd, al Mahdooth, al Muhaidna, and Hail bin Omran

The Aflaj have stopped flowing in the village for years until 2015 when the rains lashed the whole parts of the Sultanate and the farms flourished again. The farmers rushed to replant their lands and the greenery scenes covered the whole village.

Not only the green lands that attract the eye of visitors to the place, but also the harmony between the old houses, the water and the green spaces that form a unique alluring image.

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