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Jackfruit cheese nuggets with Quark cheese dip

Ever wonder what makes restaurant food so appetizing? For the high-end food outlets, it's not only because of their talented chefs but also the time and dedication each of the food handlers put into the process. Truth be told, there are some recipes that just by looking at it, you feel intimidated. This recipe is definitely one of those.

But why go through all the trouble of putting together something this complicated? Because some food is really just worth it. In today's Cook Like a Chef, Alila Hinu Bay Chef Alessandro Sandrolini may sound like flexing with this complicated dish, but his overall goal for sharing is so that you too can practice your skill and get rewarded in the end with something worth sharing with your family.


300gm jackfruit tender

Blanching Solution

10gm coriander seeds

10gm pepper corn

05gm fennel seeds

03gm cinnamon stick

02gm cloves

03gm star anise

30gm madras curry powder

05gm thai red chili

05gm galangal

05gm ginger

25gm garlic

20gm shallots

20gm smoked salt

20gm lemon grass


30gm flour

10gm corn flour

10gm curry powder

05gm salt

100ml water


120gm panko crumbs

To fry

1200ml canola oil/soybean oil

Quark cheese Dip

100gm laban

05gm thyme chopped and slighted cooked in oil

05gm mint fine chopped

Mix all together

Method of Preparation:

Boil the blanching solution.

Add the segmented chunks of Jackfruit

Cook in slow fire

Once cooked take out and blast chill it.

Dip with the slurry and coat with panko crumbs

Deep fry it.

Serve it along with the dip.

About the Chef

Alessandro Sandrolini

Head Chef, Alila Hinu Bay

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, Alessandro started his passion for hospitality at the Istituto Alberghiero Statale Riolo Terme, where he studied Hotel Management. He then began his first job as a Commis to Sous Chef at Ristorante Silverio in Italy. The restaurant was a new big entry in Bologna and was awarded 1 Michelin star in 1989. In 1991, five years later, Alessandro moved on to a bigger dream, by following a family legacy. He became the Chef-Owner at the Ristorante da Angelo, an old Italian restaurant opened by his father in 1968. When the restaurant closed, he became the Chef de Cuisine at the Ristorante Al Ghisello in 1995 managing the kitchen operation for 10 years. In 2005, he moved to Belgrade to become the Italian Chef at Hyatt Regency. Alessandro’s entry to the Middle East started in 2009 when he moved with his family to Oman. This would be followed by different movements from Delhi to Jeddah and back to Italy. Now with almost three decades of experience, specialising in fine Italian cuisine, Alessandro contributes his humble and extensive knowledge as Head Chef at Alila Hinu Bay. His passion for food and innovation keeps him motivated, and his dream to work in a casual Italian restaurant by the sea has become a perfect reality.

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