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With ambition, nothing is impossible for a woman

Over the course of many years, women played a vital role in the cultural and human formation of society, becoming a driving force for awareness and a wonderful example for the advancement of those around them. Until now, women are still struggling to prove their ability to make change and achieve success. many women have competed honestly in all fields, and gained experience qualifying them to work in the future with dignity, thus enabling them to achieve success. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”, that was the drive behind their strength and infinite ability to get up after every fall.

The truth is that if there is fear of trying and fail, there will be no success. success and achieving goals requires courage, good planning with deliberate steps, and thinking about the amount of impact that will happen to a person and society after achieving the goal. Often successful people when they face a problem they search for the cause and then find the solution, which increases the chance of their success and not falling into the same problem again.

Today, the Omani woman is a role model for the “successful woman” and the diligent educator who has no limits to her giving. Maryam Saeed Al Ameri holds a BA in Civil Engineering from Sohar University and is a mother of two children. Currently, she works as the Head of the Digital Communication Department at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs.

Speaking about Maryam means highlighting all the terms of determination and success. As a mother, it shouldn’t be easy to any female to excel in motherhood and also in a career. It requires the one to exert all possible energy to appear.

Maryam's story began when she became distinguished academically and excelled in school activities as well. But the actual great achievements started with her when she joined university. her knowledge expanded and she realized then that she has an inner wish to become a productive member in the community. “The drive to succeed is always about seeing the many opportunities around you, understanding yourself, and believing that you can do it”, she shared .

Maryam says, “A person is born with ambition and grows with the care of the family, the school and the surrounding community. It is like a seed that needs irrigation and attention to produce the finest fruits. As a person grows older, his ambitions grow the picture about his future gets clearer.”

"My first achievement that I have always been proud of is my graduation as an engineer with distinction and I am a mother of two children, as it was a real challenge in my life. It was a challenge reconciling between studies and raising my children, but I did it successfully. I have got the first place at the Sultanate’s level in the Nama Ambassadors competition, where we were in a challenge with 100 distinguished students in their field, but with diligence nothing is impossible.

The intelligent and successful person in his life is the one who does not let opportunities go but seize them. Seizing opportunities and winning in university competitions made me collect a sum of money, and was able then to start my dream project while I was studying “the flower shop. It was a haven for me to work and a source of inspiration for my distinction and my academic struggle. It has been six years since I opened my store, and it has become one of the well-known stores in Sohar.

Maryam has also worked on some translations. Her Arabic and English translation has been approved in the smart spherical fire extinguisher for all Middle Eastern countries. The extinguisher under her supervision is (Turkey 2018). She obtained an international arbitrator diploma accredited in 19 Arab countries and represented the Sultanate in the Interfaith Dialogue Program in Cambridge and on the International Day of Tolerance. She holds a volunteer license and is a certified trainer from the British Academy for Development and Qualification.

Maryam says to every woman, "You are capable and you can change an entire society if your mind thinking is positive. Believe in yourself and your abilities and strive to achieve what you want.. Make yourself strong and prove to the world that you can and that nothing can stop you from trying and feeling the pleasure of victory."

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