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Reforms toward off threat to national economy

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The Government of Oman is making extraordinary efforts to bring certain reforms and changes to address economic and financial requirements.

The objectives of these initiatives are to make sure that the common people of the country do not suffer economically in a major way, the life should continue without any hassle and more avenues are opened for economic growth and development.

This clearly shows the wisdom and time-tested earnestness of the government to serve the people. There are some who feel that these changes and reforms, being brought to ward off any threat to the national economy and development of the country, are not implemented in a proper manner. It is easy to find fault with the initiatives, changes and reforms which are being carried out at all levels.

But it is difficult to realise their own responsibilities. Before government implements any of its decisions and takes a new approach on anything, it carries out studies, analysis, assessments and debates them extensively. All these are honest efforts to serve the country.

Some may not agree with some of these initiatives. They can wait and watch for the outcomes. Making quick conclusion about any economic reform is not wise. Our society has changed. It is not like as it was in seventies and eighties. Therefore, the strategy of dealing with it should also change.

For example, recently people had issues with the rising electricity bills, when efforts are made to resolve the issue for good. They could have approached the right authorities to get explanation on issues. If they had taken initiatives at their own level to learn about the disparity in bills (before and after lifting of subsidies), the government could come forward with its own plan to create awareness about it. But instead of addressing real issues in the right manner, people started holding each other responsible for the hardships.

Everybody should realise that if there are certain responsibilities of the government, there are equal duties of the people. Any changes or reforms will succeed only if they are implemented by the government in a proper manner and shouldered by the people. This is how any radical changes and reforms in the method of dealing with any crisis are introduced and made effective and successful. All these problems show that a radical change in the methodology of dealing with the crisis is required.

There is no denying that along with reforms, the government should also launch awareness drive to educate people about these efforts. This is how changes can be managed in a society and a right perspective about them is developed in the minds of the people. Sometime, such awareness campaigns avoid many issues. The awareness drive also works as a communication channel to get feedback from the people. Such initiatives also help in making changes and corrections in any decisions.

Any country, government and people, cannot live in isolation from the world. If any government is taking any step, it should always be well thought about and implemented in a proper manner. But it does not mean that people have no responsibilities. It is the sincerity which should be shown from both sides to make reforms a success.

​​​​​​​Any changes in fees, duties and taxes should not create concern among people. They will never create any apprehension if they are taken after proper assessment of the situation and people are educated about them in a comprehensive manner. Wisdom is required for any reform. It is also part of the wisdom that people are made to learn about the details of a decision and their feedback is taken. People should also give their response in a positive and objective manner so that the initiatives taken by the government in their interests become successfull

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