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CDAA: Don’t play in wadis during rains

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The Civil Defence and Ambulances Authority has cautioned the people, especially those in South Al Sharqiyah, against drowning in wadis amid forecast of rains in the next 24 hours.

South Al Sharqiyah has reported more flash floods and drowning incidents in wadis after the recent rains around Hajar mountains.

“In view of the sudden rush of rainwater and overflowing wadis, citizens and residents should take care of themselves’’, a senior CDAA official said. “A number of calls for rescue have been received following the rains majorly from people affected by floods.”

Parents have been urged to be watchful of their kids, especially those below 12 years of age, as many drowning incidents involving children were reported in the previous days from many wilayats.

“In all the cases of drowning in several wilayats, the victims were children as a result of negligence and lack of supervision by parents. Many of them either were playing in the wadis or pools without knowing the danger.”

CDAA statistics show an average of 400 drowning incidents were reported a year in the past mostly during rains.

The major reasons behind drowning deaths are crossing flooded wadis, swimming in undesignated areas such as dams and water-logged areas, leaving children unattended near water surfaces, non-compliance of safety instructions, lack of swimming ability and amateur rescue operations which result in casualties.

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