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The historical importance of Al Ayja


Sur could be a good choice now to escape the high temperature in many parts of the Sultanate. Besides the mild weather in the summer, it is also rich of some touristic and historical places so that the one enjoys the stay and also get introduced to the place.

One of the extraordinary areas is "Al Ayjah", in the eastern part of Sur. Tariq Al Alawi, a researcher in Omani history, said that Al Ayjah in the language means the coast. it is a peninsula surrounded by the sea from three sides. inhabitants of the area practice commercial and marine activities.

By virtue of this distinguished marine location between the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea, its people worked in the sea and shipbuilding, and were associated with different regions and civilizations. this communication facilitated the prosperity and development of trade, which made it an important commercial broker in the region.

The researcher pointed out that Al Ayjah is surrounded by a wall that connects with the surrounding mountains. it contains two doors that indicate the historical importance of the place. The first is a gate from the eastern side and is called (Bab Al Seddah) and the second gate from the southern side called Bab (Khubat El Naqa) and its traces still remain to this day.

The mountains surrounding Al Ayjah include a group of military fortifications and towers to defend the area in the event of an attack. The defenses include a fort called Al Ayjah Fort and called by the residents (Bait Al Sheikh) and is located in the center of the region. It is an architectural building in the form of a square and has many rooms designated for managing the affairs of the region previously. There is the wall that still exists and the tower on the western side, and a series of small towers in the south, perhaps these towers were built in the eighteenth century AD.

He pointed out that Al Ayjah was connected with Sur Al-Sahel in the past by ferries that transported people between the two banks of Khor Al Batah. This method has now ended with the advancement of means of transportation and the establishment of the land road linking Sur with Al Ayjah, as well as the construction of the (Khor Al-Batah) bridge, which is a suspension bridge between the two banks of the Khor and connects the two areas.

Al Ayjah overlooks Khor Al-Butah, where the ships and the suspension bridge can be seen from the top of the mountain overlooking the creek. It also has the Al Ayjah lighthouse, which is a lighthouse overlooking the entrance to the creek and gives an aesthetic character around the place.

There are many ancient white colored houses in Al Ayjah which create a unique charm and beauty with their reflection on the blue sea. they still preserve their archaeological character, and highlight the historical importance of the city and the economic situation of its residents.

Al Ayjah was famous for many traditional crafts and industries, most notably the manufacture of wooden ships. there is a factory for the manufacture of ships overlooking the marine creek, which has been abandoned because fishermen are heading towards modern vessels made of fiberglass, in addition to the textile industry and fishing.

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