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Breaking boredom with creativity

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What do most of our children do these pandemic days?

Wake up to the computer screen, open classroom and open cartoon or YouTube video side by side and peep on and off, interact with the teacher, say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ just to keep the momentum on, and answer the teachers’ questions, take home work and done for the day?

Not to mention the long hours being spent on the classroom pages as well as mundane videos being broadcast on various virtual platforms and limit their imagination to the already defined images of the cartoon channels?

Here is a boy of 16 years who broke the routine and found himself in painting lively images of what he has seen and experienced in the days of travel and interactions before the pandemic.

Meet Amal Krishna whose paintings are fast becoming the cynosure of the art world of Oman.

His recent pencil drawing of Hyacinth Macaw for which he took more than 70 hours to draw has become a hit on the social media that grabbed the rest of the world to this boy who scored 93 per cent in his 10th CBSE exam.

He has been a constant observer of the surroundings and started drawing at the age of 3, according to his father Unnikrishnan. He didn’t have a formal training in painting except for the short time lessons in drawing when he was a small boy.

His prowess in art began with making pencil sketches of his grandparents, friends and relatives. He has drawn the portrait of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Indian politicians, cricketers, and so on which all drew attention of his immediate family members, friends and relatives.

However, as he grew, his specialisation sooner or later turned into avian drawings and he began to watch National Geographic channel which was sufficient to quench the thirst that Amal as an Avian artist always thirsty for.

A huge flock of birds, namely, Mandarin duck, Long Tailed Widowbird, Secretary bird, Grey Crowned Crane, Indian Peacock, Flightless birds, colourful Toucan, Barn owl, and some of the rarest, and most beautiful birds took birth from his pallet on the papers.

When a Hyacinth Macaw was shown on the channel, he started researching about the same on google and learnt the minute details of it, and the result, he was able to recreate a lively macaw on his easel in 70 hours that made him instantly popular among the art aficionados.

Many art exhibition organisers have volunteered to exhibit his works in their events as a token of respect to this budding artist. Recently, Oman Art Gallery too has invited him to showcase his works.

“Amal Krishna is a very good artist whose paintings were shown on many TV channels in India and in some social medias in Oman as well. We are also proud to note that the Oman Art Gallery has invited him to participate in an exhibition, said Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice-Principal, Indian School Darsait.

Amal’s medium of drawing are charcoal and pencil besides pastels. Inspired by the school-level art expos, he is planning to conduct solo art expos in and around Oman online. And his parents, Unni and Shaithri, along with brother Shyam, are all supportive to his ambitions.

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