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The wisdom behind social media

We should keep a close eye on social media and use it for discussing developmental issues
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Social media is always abuzz with local issues. People use this platform to showcase divergent views about them. They come forward in all hues and colours. These means are used by them to express opinions and views without any limitations and restrictions. The only thing which regulates them is their conscious and the issues put forward for discussion. This is the place where people display their culture. The discussion on this platform is positive for some and negative for others.

We consider this social media activism as a healthy trend. We should not be afraid of it, nor should we be apprehensive of its growth. Everybody has the right to express his or her opinion on the issues in the country. There is no control over views. There are no restrictions on their expression, except on issues which have already been decided by the law and there is no ambiguity about that. There are certain traditions, social practices and values which should also be taken care everywhere. However, the activity on social media always helps the public interests in the country.

On social media, we interact with various types of thinking, faith, schools of thoughts and divergent views. They are all different from each other in their approach on issues. Therefore, we need to be balanced when expressing our opinion and respect each other. If we offend or troll anybody, we harm the issue we discuss. We should always keep in mind the interests of the whole society while dealing with any issue on these platforms. This is because public interest is supreme.

Any deliberations on social media on local issues have its positive and negative aspects. This is a healthy practice which they are allowed to come forward and display. It shows the strength of the society, its cohesion and awareness level of people. This is the quality which should be utilised for their betterment and setting the future course of the country. Divergence of views shows the way which may lead to the satisfaction of the aspirations of people.

A constructive criticism is always required in a society. It is a lamppost which guides the ship. This is the reason social discussions are always encouraged. Some came up in the Sultanate as indigenous platform for open discussion, much before the social media, which we know today, was introduced. This is the way which guided the discussions and set the goals.

However, there are always doubts and apprehensions about the people who use fake identity to participate in discussions. It creates suspicions about their motives. They bring confusion in the society for the objectives best known to them. We should not allow such elements to enter into such space and interfere in our local affairs under any circumstances. In the past, officials were prohibited from participating in social discussions. This was a mistake. By doing this, we actually did not utilise the national expertise and experiences which could deal with the issues discussed on social media.

We should re-visit our approach on dealing with social media. This is the platform which wages war against nations and works as militias which disrupt societies from within by interfering in internal matters. This platform is used to weaken the confidence and trust of the youth in their countries.

It is important that we keep a close eye on the social media and use it for discussing developmental issues which has positive impact on the society. We should utilise our rationale and logic while pushing forward any idea to make it a reality.

Of course, there is pressure and there are difficult circumstances ahead of us. Despite all this, we a confident that the social media discussion will be encouraged and utilised to serve the people of the country. Any virtual discussion, we agree with the views or not, always helps in setting the course of the caravan.

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