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Wadi Hawer tough and hard, but trek is worth it

Wadi Hawer casts a magic spell on you with a combination of huge boulders, crystal clear blue pools and beautiful waterfalls. It is a fantastic wadi for swimming, diving and climbing.

The gorgeous Wadi is located in Wadi Bani Khalid, which is approximately 200 km from Muscat.

After parking in Wadi Bani Khalid, visitors need to walk about 15 minutes until the main pool equipped with basic services to receive tourists appears in front of you. Those who are looking for an adventure, must make sure to continue your journey uphill to discover more of the valley’s hidden and amazing vistas.

The farther you go, the narrower the valley and the stream will become. One will have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the site due to the lack of crowds. After walking about 20 minutes from the main pool, there is a small pool surrounded by a distinctive landscape, which is suitable for diving.

“Wadi Hawar is one of the most beautiful spots in the Sultanate. The way to the wadi is full of adventure so we have to prepare not only for long walks but also to crawl into small narrow spaces and jump into some heights,” a visitor told Observer.

“The mountains in different shades of brown and pastel contrasting with the dense green of the streams and pools, and cool gushing waterfalls, is worth the adventure. After overcoming the hard part, the rest of the visit is fun, excitement and discovery. Especially as there are many pools that allow you to swim calmly away from the crowds,” he added.

To see the waterfall hidden behind the rocks, tourists have to scramble from one giant boulder to another. Emerald water pools and lush palm trees are surrounded by rocky valleys, as well as steep slopes suitable for rock climbing enthusiasts.

“Visitors to this valley should be aware that they are in a remote location. There are no facilities on site and the nearest village is about half an hour away, so you should be very careful and go with someone familiar with the terrain and location” residents advised.

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