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A journey into the land of the rising sun

The scrumptious dishes of Takara

Nippon – A nation where the sun rises and sets first, a nation with technological advancements par excellence and a nation whose food has a cult-like following. Welcome to our epicurean journey of Japan. The world of Japanese cuisine has a long history, which has evolved over the centuries. Rich in unique traditions and customs, Japanese cuisine is an example of originality, diversity, and usefulness.

Different food traditions of other nations have influenced Japanese cuisine; the Chinese introduced rice, the Buddhists introduced the usage of raw fish. The influx of the Dutch and Portuguese brought with them the frying technique of ‘Tempura’ and earth vegetables. The usage of fresh and raw products gives the Japanese an upper hand, food is often consumed in its original form, in small portions with the highest aesthetic.

Ever heard of a restaurant where everything on the menu leaves you wanting more? Where the umami flavours combine with the sweet, salty, and tangy that curate a riot for your senses. That is what you get when you visit Takara. Nestled in the heart of the city in Qurum within the Intercontinental Hotel, Takara is arguably the best Japanese restaurant in town. They serve delectable a la carte options along with a weekend brunch. We picked the weekend brunch and here is a showcase of some of their best dishes.

HE SAID: While every scrumptious dish in the array of food was a treat, my tastebuds were wowed by the delicate umami flavours of the Shiromi Jalapeno Sashimi. Thin slices of raw whitefish seasoned with coriander, garlic puree, Yuzu soy, and topped with a paper-thin Jalapeno. The delicate fish almost disintegrates on your tongue and the seasoning makes this dish an absolute winner.

SHE SAID: A standard at almost every sushi restaurant, the Ebi Tempura Maki is a non-traditional concoction of deep-fried tempura prawn rolls stuffed with spicy mayonnaise and cucumber. This simple dish delights your senses, while whetting your palate for more to come. I must add a special mention to the various other appetisers that were fit for a king’s feast.

HE SAID: The Gyudon or Japanese rice bowl with beef was a clear winner. A dish so simple yet elegant, it strikes you as a class apart almost immediately. Thin slices of soft, silky beef, white onions and scallions cooked in a sweet, yet salty Teriyaki sauce served on a bed of white rice.

SHE SAID: A good bowl of Yakisoba is the ultimate soul-stirrer - this one was close. Soft yet al dente Ramen tossed with a medley of veggies and chicken in a tonkatsu sauce. This rich sauce coats every bite of the Yakisoba giving it a world of flavours. Light yet perfect as a main.

HE SAID: The Banana Tempura Maki served with a side of ice cream and fresh fruits made the perfect finish. You’d think the combination of banana, strawberries and mint wouldn’t work but it does. This dessert is the epitome of Japanese cooking, light, flavourful and a miscellany of textures and tastes.

SHE SAID: Eating at Takara is so close to turning into gourmands. Following a delightfully loaded brunch where we ate till we couldn’t breathe, the simple combination of cold, fresh fruits and ice cream was so perfect. Our brunch ended on a sweet note that left us wanting more.

WE SAID: Takara has never managed to get it wrong. Service is efficient and heartwarming. The team takes immense pleasure in serving you and you don’t end up feeling rushed. Their unlimited weekend brunch currently is served on the table with an exhaustive array of dishes on the menu to choose from. We are yet again delighted to be returning and would go back again. Whether you try the a la carte or the weekend brunch, if you are a Japanese food aficionado, this is the place to be.


Ambience: 5/5

Taste of food: 5/5

Presentation: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5


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