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Yes, it’s holiday time!

Holiday marks the best time to have a refreshing and energising break for families, employees and school students alike

Most likely, every human being is in need of a break every now and then during his lifespan; no matter how busy he or she is. Everyone needs to be away from the life's hustle and bustle and breaks the daily routine, which sometimes makes one just like a controlled machine! As machines undergo a regular maintenance schedule, so do humans. A short break will always be good for one to refresh the memory, recharge body's power and stimulate the spirit.

As people are different in the way they think and behave; they are also different in the way they see and enjoy life. Each one has a different perception and attitude towards life and its experiences. What matters is that one should live the moment, enjoy life and take the learnings. One has to accept the moment with all its lessons and challenges. As Mahatma Gandhi said: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

For the sake of enjoying life, people should balance between the life's necessities and having a break, which is a significant one of course. Having a rest is as important for people as maintenance for machines. Likewise, health breakdown might happen to people due to excessive hard work, life stress and work pressure. Everyone has to get a break and experience the difference in feelings, spirit and memory.

In view of that, as summer has kicked off, it is time for holiday and have a rest. Summer is the much-awaited season of the year, though it is the time of hot weather! However, it is the time coinciding with holiday, commonly for families as it corresponds with the school break too. Hence, the whole family can enjoy their time together. In fact, this season marks the perfect refreshing holiday time for all. It is a good time to relax after the long hectic and busy first half of the year.

As a matter of fact, this holiday marks the best time to have a refreshing and energising break for families, employees and school students alike. Thus, people get themselves programmed for the long summer break. The time has come to have fun and recharge! For this reason, there would be no excuse for people, but to enjoy summer in a way or another that could refreshes them and brings them memorable moments. This time of the year always offers a wide range of enjoyment options for people to fulfill their desires and amuse themselves.

During this holiday time, most people try their best to beat the heat and escape the burning weather at this time of the year. Accordingly, people's plans to enjoy the season differ depending on their interests and budgets, being the two key factors to sufficiently plan for a holiday. Some have already packed their luggage and travelled overseas to enjoy their summer holidays.

On the other hand, some have preferred to enjoy their time in the town especially as the overall condition worldwide is not conducive to travel due to the spread of Covid-19. Despite the precautionary measures put in place everywhere, it is not very safe to enjoy flying to other parts of the world. Thus, domestic tourism works as an alternative safe option to enjoy the holiday. Either flying overseas or staying in town, both are different ways intended to enjoy the summer holiday.

All what one has to do is just to make his mind, pack the luggage and either fly or drive away. More or less each one needs a break to get refreshed; if not crossing the boarders, then perhaps touring around local tourist destinations. All what one needs is just to indulge in the beauty of homeland, discover the unrivalled beauty, unique culture and genuine heritage of Oman. I think there is no excuse, but to enjoy summer holiday in a way or another and get yourself refreshed.

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