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ROP gives insight into modus operandi of vehicle theft

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MUSCAT: Royal Oman Police (ROP) has warned that vehicles are stolen generally in Oman while parked in a running condition.

The ROP said that, generally, the driver leaves the vehicle in the running position as he goes for a quick shopping store with a belief, “There is no need to close it, I will return quickly. However, within seconds, the vehicle gets disappeared."

Colonel Ahmed bin Ali asl Rawas, Assistant Director-General of Criminal Investigations at the Royal Oman Police said that it has been observed that thefts take place when vehicles are left behind in a running state as users go for quick shopping. There is no particular time for such incidents as it depends on the opportunity the driver of the vehicle creates for the accused.

Colonel Ahmed al Rawas said that the negligence of the driver is the most important reason that leads to the theft as he leaves the vehicle behind in front of bank ATMs, quick shopping stores, filling stations, and even near his home. Some vehicle owners display their vehicles for sale in undesignated places and yards for a long time or park them in remote places either to protect them from sunlight or for reasons related to travel. Some people, in specific cases, leave the vehicle key in a specific place inside the vehicle’ as they go to practice sports or for a walk.

Colonel Ahmed al Rawas pointed out that the General Department of Criminal Investigations monitored several cases of citizens and residents who imported vehicles from outside the Sultanate with forged import certificates. Vehicle importers should protect themselves from falling victim to fraud, by verifying the validity of documents online by entering the certificate number that it is not forged.

Some gangs from outside the Sultanate also offer vehicles for sale through electronic applications at a price lower than the market price to entice those wishing to buy, and after luring them, they are defrauded by making to them to transfer funds to reserve the vehicle.

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