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The cost of climate change in the world

Today many experts are calling for the need to reduce the rates of carbon emissions which cause climate change
Global Warming and human waste ,Pollution Concept - Sustainability.
Global Warming and human waste ,Pollution Concept - Sustainability.

Despite the presence of a strong infrastructure in many European countries to help them complete their daily work, whether in the field of railways, roads, tunnels and other economic sectors, nature has recently been able to destroy these projects in a large industrial country such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, not to mention it left hundreds of people dead as a result of the devastating floods, the worst since the end of World War II.

These floods are exposed to many countries from time to time. We have a great experience in Oman when the Sultanate was hit by the biggest hurricane in June 2007, 'Gonu', whose effects still remain on some of the projects that were destroyed, while some Omani cities were exposed to heavy rains few days ago that has led to many in buildings and facilities that destroyed as a result of the heavy rains in the Sultanate. It is expected that the Sultanate will witness rains and other cyclones during the next stage, which requires taking the necessary precautions to confront these natural disasters.

In Europe rains have caused floods and resulted in lot of destruction in buildings, streets and infrastructure, in addition to deaths, at a time when experts in those countries called for confronting the phenomenon of climate change and global warming, which makes more heavy rains likely. Such conditions lead to the occurrence of floods and heavy rains. The phenomenon of raising global temperatures happens due to the huge industries that lead to an increase in emissions rates, which requires governments to take steps to reduce the rate of these emissions.

Today, many politicians and experts are calling for the need to reduce the rates of carbon emissions which cause climate change, stressing that these events are expected to occur during the coming period in various countries around the world. The losses resulting from these are very large for the economies, in addition to deaths, missing, and the diseases that result from that. Our world today is more at risk of overshooting the earth’s temperature than climate scientists put it. In the past years many events and conferences were held which have been exposed to the negative effects of climate change and its effects on humanity and life.

The recent rains in European countries have left behind many tragedies which require a period of time to be addressed, at a time when officials pledged to support efforts to save people and rebuild what was destroyed.

The good thing in such disasters is that Western governments take decisions quickly in addressing the prevailing conditions in the affected areas, and providing financial and other assistance to their citizens, at a time when everyone joins hands to help eachother in such cases to remove the effects of destruction and work to restore electricity, gas, communications and roads.

The cost of floods and hurricanes causes great economic losses to countries, amounting to billions, but most of these projects are insured by insurance companies that have always fulfilled their promises to compensate people for those damages in order to restore the economic life cycle to work again.

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