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Establishing peace in region


The relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are rapidly improving in all areas. The bilateral relations between these two neighbouring and brotherly nations will have a positive impact on the entire region.

Those who are closely monitoring the developments, after His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik met King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, have clearly noticed the positive signs of opening of wider horizons of movements on many issues. These highest-level talks have raised hopes that many political issues lingered in the region since long will be resolved. Among the vexed issues which were faced by the region include the crisis in Yemen which has implications on the entire region particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council. It is heartening to see that Oman and Saudi have taken a stride to impart their historic duty to bring stability in the region. There are clear indications that the two countries together will accomplish their noble objective of bringing peace and stability in the region.

Once all political and military conflicts in the region are over, it is the people of the entire region who will reap the fruits of this approach. We are confident about this approach because after finding solution to the problems, the focus of all the efforts will be on economic development. The resources which are used for continuing the conflicts will be directed only towards development and in bringing increased prosperity for the people.

Today we should thank Almighty Allah that the region has become fully prepared more than ever before to bring peace and achieve stability. The Gulf region has seen enough wars, conflicts and political tensions during the past 40 years. The countries, governments and the people have paid prices for all this. Now, it is the time for introspection, setting right priorities and making concerted efforts to focus on peace, stability and development. The region needs wisdom and more realistic approach for solving problems. The steps which are now being taken by Oman and Saudi will certainly change the path of the region and will take it towards real peace and prosperity. This is what Oman has been urging all its partners in the region to do. Time has proved the efficacy and sincerity of the approach of Oman.

Oman, now, will make more efforts to solve the regional crisis. It will take a radical approach to solve contentious issues. It will require more tolerance among the countries of the region, GCC, as well as in Yemen. We need to understand the ground realities and deal with them logically.

Perhaps one of the most important realities is geographic, neighbourly relations and their ethics as well as principles of not interfering in the internal issues of other countries.

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