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Timing is key while driving to Salalah

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Muscat: Timing is important this time while taking a road trip to Salalah. There are flights to Salalah as it is the summer destination, but many have always enjoyed the 1000 km drive to the region covered in mist and fog of the monsoon.

The Royal Oman Police has requested citizens and residents to plan their trip with care if the vacationers are choosing to drive across to Dhofar. This is keeping in mind the lock down hours which is as of now 5 pm to 4 am until July 31.

When you are traveling to Dhofar Governorate at the present time, you must measure the time period for the distance of the road from the starting point to your destination specified in the governorate in order to ensure that you do not violate the movement ban period.

Now this means there are 13 hours to drive. Buses usually take about 10 hours typically to drive across between Muscat and Salalah and Vice versa.

Some of the driving enthusiasts feel there might be no time for meal breaks.

“It is advisable to have two drivers to take turns to drive the vehicle,” said one regular driver who travels between Muscat and Salalah.

Ahmed al Mahrouqi, an adventurer and an expert on safety, said it is very simple start your journey immediately after 4 am and you have have time till 4 pm to reach comfortably.

So what should be on our safety checklist while embarking on 1000 km journey?

Ahmed al Mahrouqi noted-

1. “First of all we should check your car, tires, tire pressure and make sure the tires are good and can handle the long distance journey.”

2. “Take ample quantity of water.”

“Now you are ready to start your journey to Salalah. But remember you have 10 hours of drive and at present we have lockdown at 5 pm. What we have to keep in mind is from Adham to Thumrait it is desert so one will come across many sand dunes.

3. There could be sand on the road. Here we have to be careful while driving. Do not cross 120 km while driving in this area and this is very important,” he stressed.

Invariably most people would be in the area by afternoon and then this is what one has to keep in mind - the temperature.

4. “It is very easy for the temperature in this region to touch 49 to 50 degrees Celsius. Do not try to drive at one stretch. Take a break by starting from Muscat to Adham, take a break and then the next break can be at Haima to let the car cool down. At the breaks get out of the car and spend about ten minutes walking around the car. This is for the blood circulation and to relax the muscles,” explained Ahmed.

What drivers must remember is the daily traffic that has been defined as heavy with tourists in town trying to wrap up the day tips before the lockdown time at the stroke of five in the evening.

This also means it is important to arrange accommodation before starting the journey.

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