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dusitd2 Naseem Resort: Promising a more family-friendly, adventure-filled and food diverse Jabal Akhdhar

If the goals will happen as planned and designed, Jabal Al Akhdhar will not only be an outdoor getaway from the sweltering heat especially during the summer but will be a full-360 degree family adventure destination and the next food haven escape.

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Gerhard Stutz has set his eyes on transforming the family and individual experiences of everyone going to Jabal Al Akhdhar.

As the general manager of dusitD2 Naseem Resort, he is banking on his wealth of cultural experiences from around the globe, his keen eyes and taste for amazing food and with a property that boasts the biggest Adventure Park in Jabal Al Akhdhar, an experience that will make it worth going to Oman’s Green Mountain.

Oman Daily Observer reached out to Gerhard to understand what people can expect from the opening of this new property.

Omanisation and ‘going local’ meaning using products produced in Oman had been key conversations as of late. Can you tell us more regarding your manpower makeup and how are you sourcing the products (may they be for hygiene or food purposes)? Why is this strategy important to the overall health of the property and its operations?

Omanisation is an important aspect at the core of this property - wherever possible, be they materials or ingredients, we aim to source locally to maintain the authenticity of the culture of the surrounding area that our hotel is in. The same goes for our staff — while we do have international staff members, we have placed a focus on hiring from within Oman. The Omani people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable people, and the Dusit culture of graciousness is well embodied within the Omani culture. Omanisation is less a strategy, but rather a necessity, in order to respect the land and the culture we are in and to ensure harmonious prosperity. Moreover, it is our way of giving back to the country and its people in whatever manner possible.

Who is Gerhard Stutz and how is he going to transform family or individual experiences of guests going to Jabal Al Akhdhar through the dusitD2 Naseem Resort?

It is easy to describe myself as a hotelier considering I have over 30 years in the industry, however, it is much more than that — having lived with my family in Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East, I have a true wealth of cultural experiences from around the globe in hospitality that has shaped and taught me in everything I do. That amount of experience has given me the understanding of the touches that make any guest stay unique and memorable — be that the big things like hotel activities that we have on sites like our Adventure Park, or small but noticeable details such as local Omani art throughout the property. I myself am also a father to two daughters, so I understand the importance of catering to the whole family, big and small, in order to make any stay truly special.

Gerhard Stutz
Gerhard Stutz

Can you tell us a little bit more about the brand and what does its entry to Oman means?

At the core of the Dusit brand is the dedication to gracious, personalised, timeless service with the essence of hospitality central to its culture. Part of this is shining light onto hidden gems and Dusit’s entry into Oman is an example of that — the Omani culture, the people, and the incredible scenery that this country has to offer is the perfect platform for Dusit to further embody its values and provide guests with not only a memorable stay but an incredibly memorable destination as well.

What do you think are the strongest assets of the property that people should definitely check out?

The dusitD2 Naseem Resort in Jabal Al Akhdhar is a truly unique property — not just for the Dusit brand but as a whole. Located at an altitude of 2,000m in Oman’s highest mountain range, we are within 5-minute proximity of the Rose gardens and the well-renowned ancient terrace plantations. Our property boasts 52 unique builds with four rooms each and a dedicated suite building hosting an array of rooms, studios, and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites, as well as extensive grounds and a pool with a swim-up refreshment bar. The unique properties of this resort include our restaurants — we proudly serve Thai and international cuisine, as well as Arabic delicacies with a focus on local specialities and their key ingredients. For our younger guests, one of the highlights of the property will definitely be our 8,000 square metres Adventure Park! Undoubtedly, our strongest assets are our people! Our gracious hospitality intimately coupled with a sense of well-being and sustainability all entwined in our local culture is what separates us from the rest and you will feel this when you visit our hotel.

As a Michelin-star chef, is that background coming into play with how the cuisines will be prepared at the hotel? Can you tell us more about the dining opportunities and what’s going to make Dusit’s offering different?

Absolutely — one of the best things about the years of experience I have gained around the world, is understanding that one of the true pillars of guests’ stays is the quality of the meals available to them. The dining opportunities at the hotel will not only feature dishes that are popular from around the world but will also take local specialities from both Oman and the wider Middle East to truly marry the Dusit brand with the local Omani culture. Dusit’s offering here is different as we take the authenticity of the recipes and ingredients very importantly, as they are the core of the flavour and soul of any dish. I have a very talented culinary team who embody the balances and cultures of any dish they create, of any cuisine.

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