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Guest satisfaction key to hotel's brand image

Najla al Sheidi
Najla al Sheidi

Competitiveness of a hotel highly depends on the satisfaction of its customers which also translates into stronger brand and higher revenues, according to a recent study.

Najla al Sheidi and Jalal Zeaiter, faculty members of Oman Tourism College (OTC), have published their research findings on consumer behaviour of Crowne Plaza Muscat.

The main objectives of the research finding determined the factors influencing consumer behaviour at the hotel in particular and examined the impact of consumer behaviour on the hospitality sector in general.

They also assessed the role of consumer satisfaction towards ensuring success for the hospitality industry along with providing recommendations regarding the improvement of consumer behaviour.

The research findings also concluded that the factor of guest loyalty was of utmost importance as it was the base of the hotel’s revenue.

A customer's experience was also identified as a core element for building a long-lasting image and brand loyalty, the study noted.

Jalal Zeaiter
Jalal Zeaiter

The study also aims to analyse the impact of consumer behaviour and their preferences for growth and performance. The paper also focussed on the inter-relationship between hotel management and consumer behaviour entailing satisfaction and reviews. The faculty members also felt that it was crucial to analyse customer behaviour for the growth of the hospitality sector to provide a “refined experience for the customers, which can help the company grow further towards internationalisation.”

The study also notes that the repetitive purchase of consumers does not reflect their loyalty towards brands, rather there were several other factors.

This, they felt, increases the need to conduct a study determining the consumer behaviour that led to an increase in guests at the hotel and help the company towards achieving a competitive edge. This also allows the hotel management towards taking appropriate measures to ensure consumer satisfaction and retention.

Their method of research was based on data collection and guest interviews. Thematic analysis was also used for analysing the gathered information in order to reach a valid conclusion, the study noted.

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