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Disability is not a barrier to creativity

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The moment you meet Yahya al Mawali, you know that you are meeting someone special. He has no towering height or a booming loud voice but his is the kind of life that will inspire you to run after your dreams no matter the challenges that are thrown your way.

Unlike other people, Yahya is differently-abled but he does not let his physical limitations set how his life should become. His limitations have inspired him to persevere and to make something of the hands that he was dealt with.

While he usually has to work harder than other more abled individuals, Yahyah takes things in stride knowing fully well that if he set his mind to it, he can make things happen.

“Nothing is impossible. Whatever it is that you dream about, it can be reached, fulfilled. You just have to unleash what is inside you and when you master yourself, you will succeed in overcoming obstacles that hinder you from achieving your dreams.” This is the summary of what Yahya wanted to impart to society.

Yahya is a graphic and digital designer, a field he so willingly embraced after seeing his brother enjoying the creative process of his career. It was also a field that didn’t look down on him and what he can do. Armed with computers and gadgets, Yahya can rely on his strong mind and hands to create something that not only fulfills his creative wantings but that of his clients as well.

“I started in this field after seeing my brother work. My brother was the kind of guy who mixes and matches things. He was a very powerful eye for composition. He stands out well because he can create images and logos rich with meanings. I like what he was doing and it is from that spark that I realised that I love the creative process of designing. From that early beginning, it’s been 15 years since I’m in this field,” he shared.

Yahya uses several basic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It takes three to seven days to complete the design, depending on the idea, the size and the type of design. Yahya determines the design path based on the client’s desire and the type of event.

“I like to add what is new to reflect the aesthetics of the design. When I see the completed work and the idea is clear, and when I see the relief and admiration of the clients, I truly feel very special that I didn’t let any barrier stand on my way, despite my suffering and illness”, he shared.

In his 15-year career in graphics design, Yahya has accomplished a lot of things just like his peers and competitors. He, however, continues his journey to push himself more and figure out what more he can do.

He has designed for many institutions, including designing the logo of the Authorized Economic Operator, the first forum for people with disabilities, the fourth edition of Arabian University Beach Volleyball Championship and Zakat committee of the wilayat of Barka.

Yahya aspires to have a strong footprint presence at the international level and society.

“We as individuals must take advantage of the creativity that Allah has given to us. Disability is not always a hindrance. On the contrary, it is an energy from which we derive hope that gives us the ability of giving,” Yahya said.

It’s hard not to notice Yahya when he is in a room. But in’s not only because of his stature but because every day, he proves that physical limitation is not the end-all and be-all of humans. He proves that when people put their mind on it, they have the power to make things happen.

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