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Awed by beauty and hospitality

Travelling for Rahma Khan, an engineer, has been a passion since young. Among her many trips, the one which left a lasting impression was her trip to Masirah Island.

WHAT began as a blog on safe travels and adventures went on to feature travel guides on each country she visited. ‘Sane Adventurer,’ is the blog from Rahma Khan, an engineer by profession based in Canada.

Writing for her has been a passion since her young age and once she began her travels, she had meticulously chronicled every aspect of her journey.

The Sultanate, according to her, is not short of beauty either.

“Vast stretches of golden desert, brown mountains guarding the calm, pristine coastline, fresh, clear water flowing from the mountains and making up ponds of water called wadis against the greenish rocks...” she writes.

As an expatriate who spent a major part of her life in the Sultanate until she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in January this year, the Sultanate will always be dearer to her heart.

Among the many trips she completed over Oman, the one that left a lasting impression was her trip to Masirah Island with her family in December 2019.

She recollects how Omani hospitality was at its best which makes her love the Sultanate, not only for its beautiful nature and diverse landscape but the loving nature of the citizens who shower hospitality and care that wins your heart every single time.

After a long and tiring drive from Muscat, she deliberately opted to ride a local ferry used by the fishermen. She was excited to talk to the local fishermen and learn more about their lives on the sea and how they cherish their time living humble lifestyles.

She came across Sulaiman, a young Omani guy, who was out to the sea assisting his father in fishing.

Says Suleiman, “Fishing every morning helps me in connecting my ancestral practices and ties me to my culture. I chose to stay connected with my cultural values over living a life in a big city like Muscat.”

Upon reaching the island, Sulaiman and his father invited Rahma and her family over for dinner at his residence. For someone new in Oman such an impromptu dinner from a stranger came as a surprise to her. She went on to spend a lovely weekend indulging in bird watching, lazing on the seafront Masirah souk, tasting seafood generously gifted by Sulaiman.

One small act of kindness by a young Omani citizen made her trip to Masirah memorable.

“I still wish to visit Masirah whenever I am back in Oman and meet Sulaiman and his family to thank them for their amazing hospitality and love.”

She further says the Sultanate is truly a land of wonders and its culture, heritage, and citizens make Oman indeed the best country anyone can ask to live in.

Rahma uses her travel blog ‘The Sane Adventurer’ to share travel tips and recommendations about Oman and every country she visits.

Having traveled to 13 countries so far, Rahma plans to explore Canada with weekend staycations as international travel is still risky due to Covid-19. She has however charted out plans to Eastern Europe and a mini road trip from Kenya to Tanzania next year.

An avid football and cricket fan, she spends her free time with family and friends.

Rahma’s work is also published in many international publications, such as the Independent UK, Passion Passport, World Nomads and Ozy among others. Instagram@thesaneadventurer

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