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Count the positives during this pandemic...

People are fighting Covid19 stress ingenuity and creativity. Many have adopted lifestyle changes to stay sound and healthy
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Covid-19 has made our lives more difficult and challenging due to social isolation leading to mental stress, disrupted routines in work and family life and economic insecurity.

But there have also been remarkable stories of resilience, ingenuity and creativity. Doctors, researchers, and public health officials say the pandemic has led to unexpectedly positive lifestyle changes.

According to them, this trying time has provided an opportunity for everyone to break out of the normal routines and try new things like starting a new project, trying a new recipe, learning a new skill.

When it comes to social life, this period has enabled us to spend more time with our family and share domestic chores. There is probably a different pace at our homes. Many parents have prioritised their child’s wellbeing above educational attainment during this time.

The pandemic also acted as a catalyst for digital innovation with the relevant authorities and others rolling out new technology solutions, which otherwise, would have taken years to get going. We have seen the rapid adoption of technology as the main means of communication, and the emergence of a growing number of online mutual aid and social support groups.

We are all growing in our knowledge. Due to the lockdowns, we all started using technology in our day-today activities. We are now familiar with many websites that provide use with information on many of our requirements and acquainted with virtual meetings using different applications. We watch our children crating videos, and even see them reading a book online.

In communities, we also saw the rapid adoption of technology as the main means of communication, and the emergence of a growing number of online mutual aid and social support groups. We have found that some families are doing well and many are having positive experiences, particularly in terms of strengthening family bonds.

It is not that we all need more screen time, but all these ‘remote’ technology experiences have a positive outcome with a new learning element in them.

Yet the other side of the coin is that many people, despite stringent laws and appeals by the authorities, are not adhering to the protocols that are in place to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This is the second year in a row that the faithful are going to celebrate Eid al Adha in the Sultanate under pandemic amid lockdown in their homes. Both citizens and residents will be offering prayers indoors and celebrating it with close family members while connecting with others virtually.

The Supreme Committee on Covid-19 has already banned all sorts of events or gatherings and holding of any get together at public places and imposed strict punishment for violators.

But what we should not ignore and forget during the coming days is the fervent appeal by our Health Minister Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, to avoid gatherings in any form as part of the Eid celebrations.

“How can some celebrate Eid while others grapple with rising numbers of deaths? Somehow, all are affected by the lockdown, but festive seasons can be compensated for after the eradication of the pandemic,” he asks.

Do not forget that the Covid-19 pandemic is not metaphor, symbol, or allegory, it is something that kills you without consideration, if not followed the precautions!

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