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Pass around the positivity...

While doctors can treat a person’s physical health but I when it comes to the mind there is a lot more that is needed than just medicine
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We take many aspects of life for granted from breathing to walking, but the last year and 2021 has taught us many lessons.

The emotions have played a crucial role no matter what the nationality, religion or profession they are from.

I happened to read a Dalai Lama quote and it made pure sense, “Happiness derived from mere physical comfort tends to be shallow and fleeting. It fails to pacify anxiety and fear. Whereas if we have a calm mind it is effective in overcoming even physical pain, therefore we should not neglect the inner values that are a source of a calm mind.”

It is true is it not? Many feel money and being financially independent are what guarantee a troubled free life, but the reality is that the detriment factor is state of mind. What can calm down the mind?

I remember Shaikh Khalfan al Esry explaining to me that one of the best ways to calm your mind is accepting the situation and when something is beyond your comprehension seek an expert. The situation changes. This is especially true when it comes to contracts related to finance, business and other legal matters.

In fear of health and cost of healthcare many might be silently suffering from pain and fear. While doctors can treat a person’s physical health but I when it comes to the mind there is a lot more that is needed than just medicine.

Ever wondered who is in control of our thoughts? Is it possible to talk to your own mind? Where do the thoughts originate from? Is it from our past experiences or what we have been going through? It might even be what we are reading about.

This is where it is important to have positive people around. It may not be easy to control thoughts but there is something all of us can do said Bharat Rawal who promotes the concept of affirmations, “Why not request for our thoughts to be blessed?”

The concept of thoughts and healing of the mind may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But the fact it is already in the mainstream - for example job-seekers are constantly reminded that attitude can make or break. It has even been noted that having the right attitude might have an organisation ending up in even creating a post to absorb the person. When a person becomes a solver the person is often looked up as an asset.

Attitude can often be contagious as an optimist can have a positive impact on people around him/her and a pessimist can bring down the people around. The question is why are our minds so vulnerable?

Some people need proof and scientific evidence to accept concepts but what is remarkable is how faith has helped i n strengthening the mind. When it comes to a patient’s health, strength of the mind is important for doctors and for their treatment to be successful.

It is the power of the mind that brings self confidence in a person, and the weaknesses and insecurities that causes lack of confidence, yet if it is not well placed the same mind can result in over confidence which may not receive much appreciation.

Equanimity may be hard to practice but will be worth trying to achieve. Here again accepting the situation and circumstances would be the first step and not to forget to connect the mind with breathing. If you are one of those with positivity, this might be the best time to pass around your positivity- the world for sure needs it.

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