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Taken your dose of hope yet!

Facemask is a weapon against the virus, while sanitiser and regular hand-washing are reliable ways of protection
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As the Coronavirus pandemic is still continuing the battle with humanity, the world has finally got the effective weapon to win the fight. Struggling to stop the virus from spreading all over, attacking people and taking life of many, effective vaccines have been already discovered now.

More than over a year had been spent in pain and struggle to get trusted Covid-19 vaccines, which luckily have been rolled out in many parts of the world. Thankfully, the vaccines reflect the sign of hope at the end of the tunnel to bring back life to normalcy.

Possible, as many people have the vaccine is feasibly the best hope for ending the pandemic and winning this tough and challenging battle. Being vaccinated for Covid-19 helps individuals, families and community from getting infected, so they all could pass these hard times safely. The more people who receive the coronavirus vaccines, the sooner vulnerable people can feel safe among others. Otherwise, as everybody knows that older people and those suffering from chronic medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are more likely to experience severe, or even fatal, cases of Covid-19 if they catch it.

Getting more people vaccinated worldwide means a better and faster chance to return to normal. After over a year and a half of coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, cancellations and postponements, everyone is eager to think about full boarding at work, school, sports, family celebrations, friends gatherings and social activities. Though nobody knows when the pandemic will be over, everyone who gets vaccinated helps the world moving closer to bring back the normal life. Even getting at least the first does of vaccine, it takes you half way to full protection from catching the virus.

All what you might experience after the vaccination shot is just a sore arm, a mild fever or body aches, but this doesn’t mean you have Covid-19. These symptoms, if they happen at all to some people, are temporary ones, which could last only a day or two. They signal a natural response as your body’s immune system learns to recognise and fight the coronavirus.

With the possibility of catching the virus after receiving the first dose of vaccination, but severely affected by the virus is far better than never being vaccinated at all. Bearing a light pain of fever or other Covid-19 symptoms is much better and safer than being at risk of getting severely affected by the virus. Taking the risk of not having the vaccine could lead a worse result. In a worst case scenario, one might end up being hospitalised for days or admitted in an intensive care unit (ICU). Such case mirrors if one is lucky enough, otherwise some spend days or months of suffering and probably end up in deaths record!

Is it worth taking the chance or risking others around at home or work? One has to think ten times before daring to risk his or others’ life! Losing a relative, a friend or a loved one is more painful than the getting shot by a 2 or 3 cm, more or less, needle with a vaccine to save one’s life! Not willing to have the vaccine is putting your life and safety of others at risk; a gamble that goes beyond one’s right to have.

On the other hand, those who got vaccinated, even with 2 doses, do not have the right to give a cold shoulder to precautionary measures, which should be adhered to at all times. Facemask is a weapon against the virus, while sanitiser and regular hand-washing mark reliable ways of protection. Keeping social distance and avoiding crowded public places and gatherings serve a very effective way of escaping the virus. One shall always stay safe and maintain social distancing as much as possible. Until the battle is over worldwide, no one shall surrender or leave the weapons aside.

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