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No change in procedures for people coming to Oman


Muscat: The night lockdown has proven its effectiveness to bring down the number of Covid 19 cases in the Sultanate, said the Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Saidi, during the 25th press conference of the Supreme Committee.


  • Minister of Health: The number of immunized people that have been entered into the surveillance program is 1,266,293 citizens and residents.

  • Minister of Health: We aim to immunize 65 to 70% of the target groups with at least a dose of Covid-19 vaccines by the end of August.

  • Minister of Health: The death rate decreased significantly among the people aged 60 years old, who have received the vaccine

  • Minister of Health: 15 deaths and 1,453 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours.

  • Minister of Health: Gatherings and occasions held after Eid al-Fitr led to a very sharp rise in the number of infections and deaths.

  • Minister of Health: The decisions issued recently by the Supreme Committee depend on the epidemiological indicators. The night lockdown has proven its effectiveness to bring down the number of Covid 19 cases.

  • Minister of Health: Over one million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have arrived in the Sultanate so far.

  • Minister of Health: The vaccination program will be suspended during the three days of full lockdown.

  • Minister of Health: How people could think of celebrating Eid despite knowing about the big number of deaths!

  • Minister of Health: There will be procedures against any person who refuses to receive the vaccination without a clear medical reason, which will be announced later.

  • Minister of Health: The closures are not limited to Sultanate only, as one of the neighbouring countries approved a complete closure for a month

  • Minister of Health: The number of doses that the Sultanate has reserved for the end of this year is over 7 million, including 4, 200,000 doses of Pfizer.

  • Minister of Health: With regard to mixing doses, - the first dose from AstraZeneca and the second from Pfizer - it has been followed in some countries and does not prevent the same principle from being followed in Oman.

  • Minister of Health: The Sultanate has taken the initiative to recognize all vaccination certificates registered in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

  • MOH: There is no change so far regarding the protocols and decisions for those coming to the Sultanate.

  • MOH: The death rate has increased during the current wave by 372% compared to the previous one.

  • MOH: There will no change in procedures for people coming to the Sultanate and who have received the vaccine before the end of August.

  • MOH: The person who received the two doses can also be infected, and but symptoms will be minor that do not require hospitalization.

  • MOH: The World Health Organization issued a report last week stating that despite the vaccinations even in developed countries, there is great caution against lifting precautionary measures

  • ROP: All procedures will remain the same during the ban on the movement of individuals and vehicles from July 16-31.

  • ROP: There is no change in the decisions to issue visas except for what has been excluded by the Supreme Committee.

  • ROP: There will be checkpoints in various governorates and patrols within the wilayats. Humanitarian cases will get special considerations.

  • ROP: Hospitals, pharmacies, fuel and water stations, factories and warehouses will remain open. Trucks carrying essential materials less than 3 tons will be allowed to pass. There will be no disruption to basic services during lockdowns

  • ROP: There will be some flexibility in rules for people owning farms and livestock yards during the full lockdown

  • WHOEMRO: Most of the countries have used the closure procedures and the measures taken by the Sultanate are appropriate and aimed at protecting the lives

  • WHOEMRO: An increase in the number of cases was observed in 9 countries of the region. This week an increase in deaths was observed in 10 countries of the region compared to the previous week

  • MOCIIP: The economic factors and their effects on citizens are among the priorities of the Committee. All decisions aim to reduce damage as much as possible.

  • MOCIIP: The committee took into account reducing the period of complete closure as much as possible to not affect small and medium enterprises.

  • Muscat Municipality: Slaughterhouses of the municipality will be available in two shifts - which are from (7 am-12 pm) and (3 pm - 4:30 pm). They will be closed during the three days of Eid al-Fitr.

The participants are

Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Saeedi Minister of Health

Qais bin Mohammed al Yousuf Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion

Eng Issam bin Saud A! Zadjali Chairman of Muscat Municipality

Dr. Ahmed bin Salim al Mandheri, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean

Maj. Gen Abdullah bin Ali al Harthy, Assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs for Operations

Dr. Saif bin Salim Al Abri Director General of Disease Surveillance & Control, Ministry of Health.

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