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Ithraa forum boosts skills of students and employees



Over 610 students participated in 12 different specialized training programmes during the first Virtual Summer Meeting of Ithraa at University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Nizwa.

The Industry and Community Linkage Committee (ICLC) of UTAS-Nizwa organized the virtual meeting for the public and private sector employees, school students, university students, job seekers and parents.

Dr Ahmed Bin Ali al Shahri, Dean of UTAS-Nizwa, said the administration has set up a special committee on behalf of the ICLC to work and strengthen the university's link with the government, industry, community and academic institutions. The committee promotes the skills of the University's society through academic, technical or administrative staff.

The forum is designed to groom abilities and talents of students, as well as employees of state and provincial institutions.

The programme is designed to boost the curiosity of participants by encouraging them to ask questions, inspiring them to develop their passion for the topic at hand and reflecting on their future careers through several workshops and activities in Arabic and English.

The programme will help to enhance their knowledge and research and thinking skills to contribute to the overall growth of these participants and prepare them optimally to play positive roles for the advancement of society in all areas.

Suleiman bin Ali al Harthi, Chairman of the ICLC, said: “I expect that the participants would improve multiple skills and thinking strategies in a more in-depth and visualized manner, in addition to dealing with deep and specialized aspects of knowledge and culture through the forum”.

Al Harthi also explained that the forum was aimed at school students (Grade 5-10), job seekers, graduates and students’ guardians. “We focus specifically on the cognitive aspect by offering intensive scientific material in multiple areas. The most important of which are motivation and handling of failures.”

The first workshop was entitled ‘What Kinds of Expenses in Self-Employment and How to Manage a Project’ by Engineer Saleh, CEO of a manufacturing company. The second workshop was entitled ‘Enhancing the Status of the Arabic Language’ by Dr Hafedh Ambusaidi.

‘The 21st Century Digital Skills Workshop’ was presented by Yarub al Mamari. A special workshop on ‘Official Speech Writing Skills’ was presented by Dr Mohamed al Qutaiti. Another workshop for school students on the ‘Android Operating System’ was hosted by Eshaq al Manthari, Head of the Education Technology Centre at UTAS-Nizwa.

In the second week of the forum, a special workshop on entrepreneurship will be presented by Mohamed al Shanfari, CEO of the National Honey Production Company. The ‘Personal Money Management Concept Workshop’ will be presented by Saleh al Abri. A specialized workshop for school students on ‘Google Drive technologies’ will be presented by Khamis al Khusabi and the ‘Success Makers Workshop’ by Mohammad al Shuaili.

The forum also includes three workshops in English for the employees of Madyan, as well as other employees in the banking and insurance sectors.

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