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Around the world in seven months

Omanis since the ancient ages are considered leaders in seafaring. Ancient civilization “Majan” had connections and relations with other civilizations around the world and they used to travel for trading with other countries. This has built their strong sea navigation skills.

Today, seafaring has become one of the professions that youth look for. There are many marine companies trust the Omani youth skills at sea, especially that some youth have learned from their ancestors all the requirements.

Naval engineer Majid Al Siyabi is one of the Omani youth who made his career path among the seas and oceans by joining the work as an officer in marine engineering on board one of the giant oil tankers of the Oman Shipping Company. He made a number of cruises around the world for nearly seven months from the far west to the far east.

“In June 2018, my first trip in my career started when I joined the giant oil tanker “Saifah” from the port of “Long Beach” in California, USA, after I was accepted into the scholarship program organized by the Oman Shipping Company and was able to pass exams and interviews in 2014”, al Siyabi said.

Al Siyabi went through a focused program included a university study in marine sciences, and practical training on board one of the company's ships for approximately eight months each year for a period of three years. He also indicated that the training had a significant impact in refining technical skills and familiarizing the one with the systems, engines, machines and how Ship Operation and Maintenance System work. “I have obtained the requirements for he Marine Proficiency Certificate in Engineering from the British Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) in Newcastle, England”, he said.

The logistical field in the Sultanate is witnessing a great development in all fields, including maritime transport. I am proud to join this field and my ambition is to be one of the pioneers in the field and its industry by working on board the giant ships for the company”, he shared. he also stressed on the importance of developing maritime transport, as it is one of the pillars of the movement of exports and imports for the commercial sector among the countries of the world.

Regarding the procedures for moving between the ports of the countries of the world, he explained: “It requires obtaining a maritime passport issued by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology in the Sultanate after fulfilling the conditions for obtaining it. it is an important document that allows its holder to enter many countries and ports around the world without the need of the ordinary visas according to the agreements concluded in this field, in which the data of the ships and the duration of stay therein are recorded for the holder of this passport”.

“The longest cruise I've ever taken is a seven-month voyage that crossed a number of oceans. It was like a voyage around the world, from the far west to the far east. We crossed the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. we started from the US state of California, then through the Pacific Ocean and then the Atlantic to South America at the port of La Paloma in Uruguay, to the far east Asia, passing through the Cape of Good Hope and the Indian Ocean to Singapore and China, then back to Africa in Angola and finally again in Singapore”.

“The sea waves are known for their intensity and harshness, whether in terms of the weather fluctuations or the duration of the sea voyage. You have also to get acquainted with the crew of the ship to provide a safe and productive work environment even if the nationalities and cultures differ”.

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