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Hosting international journalists in Oman...

The government should plan a comprehensive and attractive programme to showcase its civilisational, economic and cultural life of the country

The Sultanate of Oman will be hosting the meetings of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in 2022. It has huge national, regional and international significance. The arrival of journalists from around the world will help introduce the civilisational, cultural and historical aspects of the country for which it is known everywhere. There will be 180 journalist associations from around the world present in the country. They will get an opportunity to learn about the Oman’s Vision 2040 and its future ambitions. Since these associations are impartial and non-governmental entities, what they would tell the world would be seen with interest and will get due importance. These journalists will represent print and audio-visual media of the world which speak all major languages.

The government and all its organisations should utilise this opportunity. It should plan a comprehensive and attractive programme to showcase all its civilisational, economic and cultural life of the country to its guests from the international media fraternity. After their meetings when they go back to their homeland, they should carry along with them first-hand information and clear image about the country. This will help build bridges with the world.

There is no doubt that it is a matter of honour and privilege for Omani Journalists Association (OJA) that it has got the opportunity to host the meetings of the IFJ. There was huge competition to win this opportunity. It shows that the OJA is playing regional and international role as part of its efforts to introduce the Sultanate of Oman to the world. In just 17 years of its existence, it has got international recognition. The opportunity to host the IFJ shows the trust and confidence the Omani Journalists Association enjoys in the world.

This is not happening all of a sudden. The IFJ, for its meetings, selects countries which are trusted for their politics, have good record of rights and liberties as well as where there is respect for other’s culture and unity in diversity. This is why one can say that the decision to hold IFJ meetings in Oman was not taken randomly. This is a well-thought about decision. The IFJ works for strengthening of rights and freedoms of journalists. It has always stood against suppression of opinions and views. The credit goes to the OJA which spared no effort in presenting a clear and transparent picture of Oman to the world.

The IFJ has more than 600,000 members across the world. It’s meeting in Oman has international significance. It serves the objectives of the Vision 2040 meant for the development of the country, which is aspired to achieve by creating appropriate environment for investments and encouraging investors from around the world. It has its traditions rooted in its ancient history. Therefore, these meetings can be a huge and unique tourism event. The tourism in Oman is always a meeting point of old and new, tradition and modernism. This is the characteristic of Oman which is oldest empire in the Arabian Peninsula.

Therefore, the government, with all its organs, should seize this opportunity, which has been brought to this country by OJA. It should prepare for making the event a huge success in a way which serves the cultural, tourism, developmental and economic interests of the country.

The Sultanate of Oman enjoys respect and outstanding position at international forums. The hosting of these meetings will add value to its efforts at the international level. This country has always been open to attend and host international conferences which serves any aspect of human development. The upcoming IFJ meetings to be held on Oman would been as convergence of the world’s soft power in the Sultanate. This can serve the objectives of both, the guests and the host. The opportunity should not be lost at any cost.

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