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Make your own low cost garden

Creating a garden in your home helps purify the air and gives you a sense of relaxation
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It may seem not easy to think of a home garden because that needs a gardener and expensive materials. In fact, if you make your garden, it does not cost much, and you can do it at a minimal cost.

The thing you need is to dig out your buried skills. Then, one can make a miniature garden to decorate the corners and entrances of the house. All one needs is some flower seeds and fertilizers. Simple materials can turn into beautiful decorations.

Have you ever thought of turning your old rubber shoes into pots for flowers?

So, first, plant flowers in your home garden, focus on growing your family's favourite fruits and vegetables and stay away from the varieties they don't like to eat.

Second, make sure about the type of crops suitable for the area you live in, taking into account the temperature and the type of soil available.

The start of planting depends on seasons, as some plants such as turnips and lilies tolerate cold, so you can plant them in fall or late winter.

Tomatoes, peppers, okra, cucumbers and most types of annual flowers prefer warm temperature, so you can start planting them only after the end of winter days. As for perennial plants, it is recommended to plant them in late summer.

Many garden designs may be an inspiration, like Country Garden. The formal English-style garden is filled with exotic plants, besides the modern Australian Country Garden rich in native and ornamental plants.

Moreover, Country Yard Garden is inspired by Moroccan homes and is ideal for spending the most beautiful summer times. Formal Gardens, however, are based on classic plants and water additions.

Herbs Garden can be created in the outside yard of the house in special basins, yet; it can also be designed indoors in a small pot in the kitchen near the window. In addition, there is a Japanese Inspired Garden which usually includes large stones, bridges, ponds and bamboo.

After selecting types of plants, time, place and designs, you can now decorate your home garden at a small financial cost, using the things you do not need anymore.

For example, you can use old chairs as a place to put small plant pots. You can also use the old cart to give the garden an antique look, put a ladder with flowerbeds, or use a wooden staircase as a basin for growing plants or small flowers.

It would also be nice to put the flowers in a metal bucket, hang it on the wall, or use old teacups to plant small flowers. If you have a small bike that doesn't work, you can install the bike next to a group of flowers and roses, which gives the garden a distinctly classic feel.

Whatever the size of your house or apartment, you can establish a beautiful home garden in your home. All you need is ideas and good planning. Creating a garden in your home helps purify the air and gives you a sense of relaxation, helps you face frustration, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

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