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Khareef season's extended effect in Khor Jarama

Exploring the khor via boat
Exploring the khor via boat

A solitary structure stood by the water overlooking the more than dozen of dhows anchored in the nearby still waters of the Khor. This structure is a recent addition, a makeshift port, that allows the free coming and going of the small boats that take passengers to the floating chalets scattered in the nearly 10 kilometres of the Khor.

Summer in Khor Jarama is two times better than Muscat. It still gets disturbingly hot between 11 to 3 pm but the evenings are usually nicer, cooler.

The climate here benefits from the cold breeze coming from the sea that brings about the khareef season. In the nearby Ashkara, the temperature is even colder but Jarama makes do with the kinder temperature it is gifted with compared to the rest of the country.

The last time we visited Khor Jarama was three years back and we came home disappointed because, like many of the tourist sites in Oman, it started to lose its beauty due to the thousands of plastic wantonly displaced in nearly every nooks and cranny of the Khor.

That disappointment has turned to relief as we discovered that Khor Jarama is one of the success stories of conservation and restoration. The corners that I refused to check out in the past had now been cleaned, the garbages picked up and disposed of by the municipality to where they should go.

The air also smelled cleaner and the mountains surrounding the Khor added to the beauty that has made us go back to this place so many times in the past.

When you visit Khor Jarama, it is impossible to not notice the floating chalets that pepper the emerald waters of the Khor. Owned by a local named Nasser, it is an initiative that gives guests a different outdoor adventure — one that offers the comfort of a floating home with the water ready to be explored for a swim at any time.

Our original plan of staying for one day was extended to another. The chalets were built to fully take advantage of the beautiful sight that surrounds you. Under the strawberry full moon, serenaded by the cold breeze that gets colder as the night goes deeper, it was the perfect place for reflection, for nice conversation and even fun games and activities.

Other than swimming and barbecue on the chalet, there are other adventures you can book following strict protocols from the Supreme Committee. Third-party providers offer kayak and jetski adventures which needed to be pre-booked in advance.

Khor Jarama also has some of the most beautiful and remote beaches and if you're the kind of explorer that wants to spend your time lounging in the sun, then it is a perfect getaway.

The nearby mountains by the old fishing village is also a great spot to start hiking. We've done it in the past and as we look at the imposing peaks, there was a sense of pride within us to know that we've conquered them once and would gladly do so again in the future.

The two days we stayed at the chalet in Jarama became a blur. There was satisfaction in finishing a book, in enjoying a hastily made pasta, in being with people that matters to you all while enjoying a good breeze and kinder weather.

Muscat and a lot of places, especially this summer, had experienced an agonising rise in temperature. Added to the limitations of the pandemic, the day to day living has even become dreary. But thanks to places like Khor Jarama and the adventures they offer, we get to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet and a rejuvenation that we badly need especially at this very trying time.

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