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Making time vs having time

Choosing how you spend your time is a choice
Choosing how you spend your time is a choice

Being healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically is a result of the smaller choices we make every day.

A healthy mindset is a conscious choice that you get to make. Choosing how you spend your time is a choice. We often find excuses as to why we cannot do things for ourselves. Often the excuse is the lack of time, we simply do not have enough of it. To understand why we don’t have time we must first understand the difference between ‘making’ and ‘having’ time.

We place a certain value on experiences, relationships, and things. This ‘value’ is how we decide how important something is to us and in turn how much time we can spend on it.

I read a lot. I truly enjoy reading, I love it! People often ask me how I have time to read or comment on how I must have a lot of free time to read as much as I do. This irritates me because I realise that I don’t HAVE time to read but I MAKE the time to read. Sometimes that means I have to sacrifice time from somewhere else, but I’m okay with doing that because I WANT to read. To me, because it’s something I really want to do, I make the time for it.

I want to wake up early, so I make time to do so.

I want to practise yoga, so I make the time for my practice.

I want to go out to lunch, so I make time to do it.

If I want something, it is completely up to me, and in my power to make the time for it.

Life is always going to be busy. We go from one stage to the next, from one phase to another, and yes, we get downtime, but things are always going to be happening. It is so easy to get caught up in the days, weeks, months, and years. Waiting to ‘have’ time is a colossal mistake because you could be waiting forever. If you truly want something, whether that is to focus on your relationships, health, or simply time to read that book you have wanted to start forever, you need to MAKE the time for it.

Don’t let life pass you by.

Make time for what is important to you.

Make time for what you want.

How we spend our time, what we choose to do, those decisions become our lives.

Make your life your own.

Live it how you want to.

The writer is a Transformational Mindset and Empowerment Mentor, Business Coach for Women, and Host of the podcast Live Inspired; Please contact the author for details about ‘HEALTHY HABITS | THE MINDSET RESET’, an 8-day transformation focused on building a mindset from which you approach each day with ease, clarity, patience, and joy.,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour

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