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Over 11,000 divorced women, half are under 45 years

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In 2020, the government spent RO 10,554,262 for 11,010 divorced women, representing 11 per cent of the total amount disbursed for the social security categories.

Divorced women represent 15 per cent of the total cases. Statistics show that more than (6,000) cases of divorced women under the umbrella of social security are under 45.

These details came in a discussion on 'Enhancing family cohesion inside the Omani society' held by the Shura Council’s Services and Social Development Committee on Tuesday.

The meeting hosted Rashid bin Ahmed al Shamsi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development, and Adnan bin Mustafa Al Farsi, Director of the Technical Secretariat of the National Family Committee.

The meeting looked into divorce as one of the social problems that need more attention and more awareness efforts because of its clear impact on the cohesion of society.

The meeting emphasized the original role of the family in addressing many societal problems through its responsibility in education, follow-up of the children, and sensing their emotional needs at each age stage in a way that enhances the cohesion of the family, and forms a protection fence for the children in front of the many influences surrounding them.

The attendees also agreed that various external factors have started affecting the society, and contributing to the exacerbation of family problems and creation of negative societal behaviors, including impact of open spaces and virtual worlds, as well as dramas that emotionally affected the family and indirectly promoted many social phenomena and disturbing behaviors. Therefore, a family must follow up on all these influences to avoid their risks to the individual and society.

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