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Salalah gets first pre-monsoon rain

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Salalah: Early morning drizzling took people by pleasant surprise in Salalah even as two more weeks even though there are two more weeks to go when the actual Khareef season starts . The official Khareef season begins on June 21.

High humidity that was building up for over a week was the reason behind the pre-monsoon rain. The drizzling started early morning on Tuesday and lasted for about an hour or two.

Suburban Salalah also received light drizzling. Areas like Dahariz, Sada, Awqad and Raysut also witnessed drizzling. People restricted themselves to their houses due to Covid-19 precautions even after the drizzling. Otherwise, it would have been long queues of cars in the city and roads that lead to mountains.

The drizzling did not make any difference in temperature as the humidity level rose after that. The ‘feel like’ temperature was much more than Monday.

Khareef is when Salalah turns into lush greenery, and its hills are surrounded by white fog. Light rains drizzle to cool the air. It is frequented by many visitors, especially from within Oman and the neighbouring GCC countries.

Dhofar includes a distinctive natural diversity where the coast blends with the mountains and the desert in wonderful harmony. The mountains look like a fertile crescent, rising to a height of 1,500 metres and then descending into a flat plain that embraces sandy beaches stretching for hundreds of kilometres. One can imagine the magnificence of this province with 20-26 degrees Celsius temperature when the most part of the Arabian Peninsula witnesses a rise in temperatures up to 45-50 degrees Celsius in summer.


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