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Conquering coronavirus


Relief in Covid-19 restrictions does not mean that the pandemic is over. We have to live with the virus and don’t let the guard down.

The freedom to move around with children below 12 and the opening of beaches and parks don’t mean the number of cases has gone down or that it’s safe to let safety measures go.

On the other hand, everyone must follow the preventive measures and take part in the national fight against the coronavirus.

“This is the time we need to be extra cautious . We will only conquer the pandemic if every citizen and resident take part in the fight. However, it is a matter of concern that people are not paying any heed to the precautionary measures that must be taken in the pandemic,” says Dr Mahmoud al Rahbi, Head of Emergency at Al Nahdha Hospital.

Dr P Mohammed Ali said all our behaviour should not dampen the efforts of the authorities and we all should behave carefully. The restrictions are lifted, and it would make people feel at ease, but I would urge caution. The restrictions were imposed with a purpose and for people to behave very responsibly abiding by the Covid-19 protocol.”

P Chandrasekar, Group General Manager of Jawad Sultan Group LLC, said we must follow all the health protocols and it should not be breached at all. We will have to face greater risk and sacrifices if we don’t follow the norms.

“We are still not out of the woods, and it is the collective will of the people, which should work in tandem with the government and overcome with pandemic decisively. We are all looking to get back to normal.”

The Sultanate of Oman has been making enormous efforts on two major counts. It has ramped up the vaccination given the considerable challenges and at the same time took painstaking efforts to curb the spread by putting in restrictions on movements and on business which yield desired results.

“I’m also happy that many businesses have come back on track after a long closure, which is a positive sign. I hope the people maintain distance and take necessary precautions. Let’s all fight this pandemic together,” said Arun Edathil, a young sales executive in Salalah.

Ani Chiravakkath of Sheraton said, “It’s parents’ responsibility to educate children about the pandemic and encourage them to maintain social distancing and wash hands. We still need to care for our children’s mental health.”

Aneeta Kurian, an executive, feels that a good thing that the disease’s severity among children is less compared to adults. Most of the cases of Covid-19 in children are mild diseases like other viral infections.

“Therefore, even though the restrictions have been lifted now, parents should take complete measures to reduce or prevent the risk of infections.”

“There is fear of the spread as much as relief of being able to take them out. It’s a mixed feeling of caution and relief,” Ajay Menon, a media person.

“I still will not take my children to a mall. Going out to a park or beach will be something that we might be looking out for once the curbs are lifted, but not to a mall,” says Anu Joseph.

“This initiative by the government should encourage SMEs to move ahead with their plans on refocusing on further investments and expand their business avenues in the near future,” Venkat, an aviation executive, said. “Taking children to the beach and parks without taking them to the shopping mall is good for their mental health,” said Anu Mathew of Lama Polyclinic.

Bhaskar, a management executive, said that Oman’s excellent family culture is laudable and we need to uphold the values.

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