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Al Awabi’s Kor al Ghaba now a magnet for tourists

Characterised by breathtaking views, Kor al Ghaba in the village of Al Alia in Wadi Bani Kharous is becoming the Wilayat of Al Awabi’s hot property attracting a huge number of visitors wanting to experience the location’s breathtaking nature.

Located at the mouth of the wadi coming from Jabal al Akhdhar and boasting emerald green but crystal clear and deep pool with beautiful cascading waterfall surrounded by trees, it’s the perfect place to detox with nature.

Ahmed al Bahri from the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism said, that there are two paths to the Kor al Ghaba that the visitor can choose. The first path starts from the parking lot of the mosque and snakes through wadi and farms. There are some road instruction boards that indicate the direction of the path. As for the second path, it starts from the village of Sahkoun and courses through the rocks of the wadi and the mountainous heights until reaching Mazare’ al Dar, which is also a beautiful tourist site for relaxation known for its cool and calm atmosphere and the abundance of mango, grape and Zam trees. The walk continues until reaching a deep water pool called Jabbat Bani Bahri, which is located in the middle of the wadi, fed by a small waterfall with its fresh and ever-flowing water.

This emerald pool with its waterfall is usually one of the stops in Kor al Ghaba. From here, tourists and visitors can enjoy a good dip into its cool water while some actually make this spot an ideal place to cliff dive into the water.

Before reaching Kor al Ghaba, the tourist shall pass by Mazra’ al Seer, which takes approximately five hours and an estimated distance of 6 km.

Al Bahri explained that what distinguishes this path is the landscape that the tourist passes through and the water ponds. This is in addition to the presence of some beautiful sites and attractions along this path, starting from the ancient house of Al-Sarouj, which dates back to the period of Imam Saif bin Sultan al Yaroubi, and the rock inscriptions that belongs to the family of the scholar Shaikh Jaed bin Khamis al Kharousi.

“There is no danger along the path. It requires fitness and moderate effort, especially before reaching Kor al Ghaba, which requires climbing and jumping between rocks”.

“Due to large number of the visitors, the Al Alia National Company for Services was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to be the organiser and supervisor of tourism and tourists, and to work in preserving the environment and local customs and traditions, and planning the establishment of various tourist activities.

Due to the mountain trails that connect the village with neighbouring villages, such as the Jabal Al Akhdhar in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah, Wadi Mistal and Wadi Bani Harras in Nakhl in the Governorate of South Al Batinah, the influx of a large number of tourist groups increased. This constant flow of visitor traffic inspired a group of youth to form a mountain hiking team called Al Alia Guide under the umbrella of the national company to play the role of a tour guides to organise tours that also covers Kor al Ghaba path.

Part of the company’s plan is to undertake a number of projects within the village that include investing and restoring the heritage houses in the village, establishing resorts on the banks of the wadi, establishing marketing outlets to display local products, establishing a tourist information centre at the entrance to the village, in addition to implementing a number of events and training workshops for the villagers.

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