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Five healthy mindset habits

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Being healthy in your mind is just as important as being healthy in your body. When we think about being healthy we often think that means the food we eat, how many hours we sleep, do we exercise every day. These all play big components in our health and they are habits we definitely need to build and cultivate.

Being healthy, having healthy habits, also includes our mindset. The thoughts you have, how you deal with them, how you feel them are so important.

We can spend our whole lives trying to avoid difficult thoughts and feelings or we can stop and learn how to process them. We can learn healthy ways to deal with them. Our mindset is so important on a daily basis. When we work on our mindset we can introduce more peace, purpose, flow, and directions to our days. Every day will not be easy but we can choose to fill it with ease and fulfilment.

Here are 5 mindset habits you can start introducing to your daily life:

1. Pay attention to the first thought you have in the morning.

This is simple but requires you to be consciously aware of it. It’s about starting your morning off on the right note. The thought you have is so important. It can set the tone and energy of your day. Let it be something positive. Choose to make it something uplifting. Know that it will take time and practise to become a habit.

2. Rest is a necessary part of your day

Remember that rest is not something you have to work to earn. Your body and mind need rest to survive and thrive. Change how you approach to rest. Remember that it is a necessity that you have always been deserving of.

3. Deal with daily disappointment in an empowered manner

We all face disappointments on a daily basis. Sometimes they are big disappointments, sometimes small. Start working on the way you speak to and of yourself regarding disappointments. Remembering you are learning and growing. Learning how to deal with small disappointments is going to help you to be ready for the big, life-changing ones.

4. Remember what you can and cannot control

It is so easy for us to focus on the things out of our control, on the things not going right, on the things not going our way. Every time you start to feel like you don’t have control over life. Remember that you do. Sometimes the control is just different. It’s a choice. You get to choose to trust. You get to choose to have faith. You get to take chances. You get to make mistakes. You get to change your mind. You get to decide what kind of life you want to live.

5. Include celebration in everyday life

Often we get bored with life or stuck in this mindset where we are waiting for the future to happen to be happy. It is good to have goals and dreams. It’s even better when we are taking conscious and aligned action towards them. However, this doesn't mean we forgot to live in the present. The present is where our life is happening. It’s where the living is happening.

[The writer is a Transformational Mindset and Empowerment Mentor, Business Coach for Women, and Host of the podcast Live Inspired; Please contact the author for details about ‘HEALTHY HABITS | THE MINDSET RESET’, an 8-day transformation.,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour]

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