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Using modern technology at 3D drawing

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The art of 3D drawing is a type that differs from regular drawing in terms of size or area used and it appears in three dimensions, not two.

Ameera al Badi, a student at Oman College of Health Sciences, says that she focused on that kind of drawing when she was in grade 11. Supported by her father, teacher and the school, this helped her in highlighting and developing her talent further.

She added that she is currently drawing many paintings in different styles and shapes daily to develop her skill and talent, explaining that the art of three-dimensional drawing relies heavily on modern three-dimensional techniques and programmes. She explained that one can do more allowing the work to come to life.

“I prefer drawing in the early morning or late night,” Ameera said.

She believes that artists express their emotions through their work. She worked hard during the quarantine period to sharpen her skills and was using the opportunity to experiment with different types and methods of painting, including painting landscapes.

She explained that she uses different types, methods and tools from time to time. For example, in watercolour or acrylic painting, different types of brushes, canvas, watercolour or acrylic are used, in addition to the varnish material that is placed on the board to protect it from dust or any external factors. Al Badi participated in painting a portrait for the Late Sultan Qaboos in the 50th National Day and she held a course for students in Buraimi Governorate.

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