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Need to follow caution as temperature rises

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Muscat: Experts have cautioned people to exercise extra care with the rising mercury and take adequate measures to protect themselves, birds, and animals.

Sultanate recorded a maximum temperature of 47 degrees Celsius last week, while temperatures are set to rise further in the coming days.

Certain precautions are needed to help protect people, their properties and vehicles, and animals and birds.

“One should drink plenty of water and avoid stimulants and caffeine to prevent dehydration,” says Dr Abood al Sawafi, President/ Vice-Chancellor of Buraimi University.

“Besides, one should also avoid direct sun exposure to prevent skin damage, sunburn, or sun poisoning and most importantly keep your body temperature at a safe level. It’s advisable to dress in comfortable, loosely fitting clothing,” adds Dr. Sawafi.

Priya, a media person, suggests a strict ‘no go out’ rule between 10 am and 3 pm because of the scorching sun.

“Not only that, since authorities are continuously urging people to stay indoors to control the Corona social spread, this will help achieve two targets,” she said.

The worst-hit segment of the society would be the blue-collar workers who need to be more cautious as they work under the sun and can have heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

“Those who work outside should cover their head and face, drink plenty of water, ORS or other similar fluids which can replace sodium, potassium, as they lose them due to the sweat. They need to rest in the shade, especially mid-day when the temperature is highest, and we shouldn’t forget the Covid guidelines and maintain the precautions,” says Dr. Dilip Singhvi, Specialist Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospital.

Although the mid-day break that aims to protect the laborers from excess heat-related issues is in place, they should not neglect to hydrate their bodies by taking sufficient liquids from time to time, according to doctors.

One should also ensure that the electricity meters are not overloaded and that the air conditioners are not overheated.

ANIMAL CARE: Year after year, millions of animals and birds die due to extreme climatic conditions. In this part of the world, we need to pay some attention to these creatures as well.

Let’s keep some water cans near the windows, squares, fences, farms, and balconies. This WI helps the birds, cats, and other animals quench their thirst and continue their life on earth.


Check the cabling, water level, cooling level, tire pressure etc. regularly

Cars must be free from:

1- Gaseous materials

2- Lighters

3- Soft drinks

4- Perfumes and device batteries in general

5- Avoid filling the car’s fuel tank in full

6- Fill the fuel in the evening

8- Avoid traveling by car during the morning period

Prevention always pays off. One should rush to get medical assistance should they find any of the symptoms such as dry, hot reddish skin and lack of sweating, high body temperature, strong, rapid pulse, confusion, or slurred speech.

“Excessive sweating, weakness or fatigue, dizziness and or confusion, clammy skin, or muscle cramps or flushed complexion are some of the signs of heat exhaustion and one should seek medical support if any of the symptoms are visible”, said a rehabilitation expert.

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