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A ‘watchful’ eye for better work...


The government is trying to be active in the management of its works. It is focusing on productivity and making its services swift by doing away with all bottlenecks which create hurdles. Keeping in view all these efforts, it seems imperative to have a “watching eye”. This is the most advisable way to ensure that the work is done effectively, smoothly, and speedily in each ministry and organisation.

This apparatus will also evaluate employees’ commitment to giving service to people in a timely manner and gauge how they are welcomed in government offices. This will help in finding out areas of weakness and lacunae required to be cured. But the team which will be given the task to have a covert eye should have full knowledge and understanding to be able to accurately assess the situation and find out the weaknesses.

For example, it should be able to find out if there is any delay in services given to the people. It does not mean that the employee only should face the blame. There may be a delay because of a smaller staff compared with the workload.

In such cases, the management and not the employee should be held responsible. Sometimes, for the delay in services, lack of capabilities of an employee or his nature can be the reason. In that case the onusfalls on the employee himself. Therefore, accountability should be fair for all. Without this, a talk about any administrative improvement is nothing but throwing dust in the eyes. The reality is stark.

There are a lot of complications. This should be dealt with without delay. The idea of a watchful eye can help in dealing with such situations and the process of improvement. This will give a clear picture to the officials about the performance of an employee, and his adapting to any changes taking place in the work as well as his ability to keep pace with the developments.

It is a reality that the actual hurdle in any improvement in the work is the employee himself. If their response will be weak to such efforts, they would never be able to give proper service to the people. For this, there should be certain rules to monitor the speed of accomplishment of work, and a number of tasks completed without any mistake, and their comparison with their other colleagues. This requires government organizations to establish the weak points with proof, then refer such cases for investigation or take administrative action or transfer them as punishment.

Only a watchful eye can help in the process and make all these details available. There are many companies and banks that use such means to evaluate their employees and monitor how they are dealing with their customers. They send undercover agents to the bank or the company and ask for certain services which can help them evaluate the performance.

This is how, sometimes, even restaurants assess how their customers are being dealt with and what is the performance of their employees in the process, from welcoming at the entrance to serving the food. Such services can help in keeping a guard on the quality of services given by the ministries to the people, particularly those who have lots of customers and services.

It is particularly important to ascertain the satisfaction level of the beneficiaries and returns of their investment. Such a method can also help the government organizations to assess employees and promote those who are doing extraordinary work to compensate for their performance and encourage them. This will also motivate others to try to be equally good or even better in the work and get gradual promotions. Everywhere such methods are being used to improve the quality of services and work. Such measures are not alien. At some places, electronic means of evaluation are also used to gauge the level of services in various offices as a solution. This is because seniors, manually, cannot keep an eye on the work of each member of his team. A mechanism like this can do this job fairly. If such means are developed in government organizations, it will relieve people from ordeals which they face sometimes in certain office

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