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The pandemic has affected one and all. It is up to an individual’s ability to handle the situation or surrender to it by accepting whatever information is coming to him as true information and finally suffering from an overload of information that is not useful. Rather it affects the mental wellbeing of a person.

Like last year the Internet is flooded with all kinds of information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are useful, some are wasteful, and some fake. But all of them are affecting the human mind in some way or the other.

“The smartest thing around us is our smartphones, which has taken away our own smartness and started ruling us. Some people feel very uncomfortable when they are separated from their smartphone, even for a moment. They do not want to miss any big or small information about their family, friends and even distant relatives despite knowing the fact that they are not in a position to extend any help due to distance, situation, or many other reasons,” says a clinical psychologist.

Such people are overtaxing their brains due to the consumption of some ‘bad news’ that is happening around them, in their countries and or even with their family members and friends.

The psychologist cited WHO’s definition of health, which suggests: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” and called for mental fitness to keep pace with physical fitness and social wellbeing.

“It is time to filter the information and take whatever is useful to you. You cannot afford to consume whatever is coming in your way; start sympathising, fearing or even becoming extra alert under the influence of that information. Every government is coming out with necessary guideline to be safe from the virus, and even if you get infected. You can easily protect yourself by following those guidelines,” said clinical psychologist Anwar Ibrahim.

He suggested not be on the lookout for news and info about the pandemic all the time. “Engage yourself either by doing something – cooking, cleaning, reading or even pursuing hobbies like singing or painting. You can distract yourself from these negativities by watching movies, playing indoor games.”

Yoga has emerged as a great help during this point in time when usual outdoor fitness and sporting activities are not possible. “By regular practice of certain Yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises, you can keep fit and disconnect with the negativities that are doing the round due to the situation and some vested interests who love to exploit the situation for own benefits,” said yoga teacher Rajesh Pardeshi.

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