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What's your resolution?


Ramadhan comes once a year but leaves so much impact on a person that he carries for years the good habits that he inculcates during this time.

For example, some bad habit like smoking, which for many people, is very difficult to quit, and carry it for several years. During one of the Ramadhans they resolve to quit, and they quit it easily. This happens with many people, and they thank the holy month of Ramadhan for this.

Ibrahim, who works in a private sector establishment, admits he was smoking for many years and consumed some five to 10 packets of cigarettes every day. On the very first day of this year’s Ramadhan, he decided to quit this bad habit, and admits with proud that he did not even touch cigarette packets for straight 20 to 21 days.

“Since I decided to quit, I did not touch them even after breaking my fast in the evening. This is the beauty of the holy month of Ramadhan; if you want to quit some bad habit, it becomes easy to stick to your commitment,” he said and added that he would quit smoking even after Ramadhan.

Ibrahim’s friend Ahmed admitted he is very short-tempered, which he realises is terrible, but unable to cope when anything against his plans happens. This Ramdhan he decided to become tolerant for everything and admits he is managing his tempers efficiently.

“I have taken a resolve to be cool and calm and would react only after proper thinking. And surprisingly, I am well managing my tempers. Earlier I used to get irritated easily, and I was not welcomed in a team. Friends would tease me to get my bad reaction and make fun of me. I thank my sister who advised me to take a resolve to become cool and calm, and thank God, it is happening,” he admitted.

Some people resolve to do some good to society. A good Samaritan, who does not want to be identified, said, “My Ramadhan resolution is to adopt two orphan children and sponsor their career. I have contacted an organisation that runs such a service and expressed my willingness. I already have started this work and thank God for giving this thought, as I feel fulfilled and satisfied after signing the papers for them.”

Many others resolve to eat less meat, take care of their health, give proper care to family, and keep ready for any voluntary service in this tough time.

For most of the respondents, Ramadhan is a source of inspiration to be better people and do as much as possible to better society.

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