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Don’t take it easy, but don’t panic


Since the pandemic situation continues to be critical, people need to draw a line between urgency and panic. The three stages of the infection need to be understood and act accordingly.

Those who are in the medical profession are asking people not to take the pandemic easy, at the same time not to panic as it worsens the situation of the patient and the attendant and confuses the treatment procedure.

Internal Medicine practitioner, Dr Harish calls for understanding the three stages of the infection.

“Stage one is when the patient notices the first symptoms of the disease. Instead of denying it the infected person should self-quarantine for seven to 14 days. The infected person should consult his doctor either over phone or meet personally and start taking the prescribed medicines. He has to take nutritious food, be alert and do some physical activity even within the four walls of his room,” he said.

He termed the first stage crucial in infection management due to the fact that this is the time one can avoid the situation going from bad to worse. “The infected person should do some breathing exercises to keep oxygen level intact and as soon as there is any deterioration in oxygen level, he should consult hospital.

According to Dr Harish, here comes stage two when saturation level of oxygen becomes low. “At this stage also don’t panic. Follow the doctor’s advice and be alert. With proper care and medication the saturation improves and after some time the patient becomes normal. Of course there are issues after becoming Covid-19 negative like, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite etc. These issues also go in some weeks.

The third stage is mainly among elderly people and people with some chronic morbidity. People with this stage really need hospitalisation and proper medical care under regular supervision.

Dr Harish advises people to understand their level and act accordingly. “First stage can easily be managed at home with self-quarantine. With this you are not only reducing pressure on the hospitals, you are protecting yourself and family members from any possible infection.”

In the current situation everyone needs to follow the pandemic norms. This is in the best interest of the community and humanity that people come out voluntarily for isolation and self-quarantine if they have any doubts of having symptoms of flu, cough, cold and fever. Rushing to the hospital in this situation is not a right call as crowding of any kind even in the hospitals can cause the spread of the virus.

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